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Java to Kotlin Migration: Top 10 Apps That Trusted Kotlin

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The new-age social media platform came into existence in 2010. Since then, it had hit the roads of migration from Java to Kotlin in 2016. It is the social media platform where content aggregation occurs through personally maintained boards. The app comes with all the sharing capabilities all across other social media platforms. Although it took quite a while for Pinterest to taste fame and widespread user base, the mobile application is highly robust and gives you all the reasons with a demonstrated example to trust Kotlin over Java for the new age trends.


Evernote is a popular note-taking, and task management platform competing under the likes of Google keep, Bear and few more. It has useful synchronization abilities for different folders and desktop clients of users who are always on the go requiring mobility. The technology analyst at Evernote would not have recently migrated from Java to Kotlin for their Android mobile app. However, Android is generally seen to be comparatively less stable than iOS, but the migration initiative has helped enhance the performance and stability of the Android app manifolds.


The world’s largest short commute taxi service, Uber has also used Kotlin for its internal tool processing and model management. The highly dynamic and location service-centric mobile app is proving to be highly resilient and error-free for all users across the globe. It is because of the Kotlin abilities playing in the backend. Uber is one of the most downloaded mobile apps among Millennials. The servers attract steady traffic all round the clock. In such a scenario, Kotlin is doing a great job by helping Uber service on demand short commute market across the globe.


The APK building tool is a customized module in the android studio which is helping developers build small user-centric logics and managing dependencies with ultimate efficiency. The APK building tool for the customer is a module in the android studio. It is a cohesive custom-built third-party tool which works perfectly with the Android Studio. It has recently been enhanced for a better experience with: scripts in the backend. One of the greatest USP of Kotlin: is its outbound support available in IDEA and Eclipse. Thus, it makes it very easy for any application to use its highly useful features like auto-completion and debugging.


One of the pioneers in MOOCs and trendsetters for online education are managing and maintaining their app through development. The partially: built mobile app is known for its world-class resources for different skills in the professional world. Now, there has been a substantial improvement in the application. But there are numerous core functionalities which are yet to be included in the Coursera app. The mobile application is presently keeping millions of users on board with seamless content delivery and highly dynamic features like annotation, bookmarking and numerous other flicks for enhancing the user learning experience.


One of the widely used task management and data organization platform, the Trello is endorsing Kotlin for all its future development initiatives along the course. The productivity enhancer is a classic example of a highly productive, synchronized app for multiple users having boards and lists for various activities and subatomic, atomic operations. However, the Trello is not willing to completely migrate from their Java code base to Kotlin. It is showing a promising acknowledgment for future software development requirements on Trello. Trello is not only lightweight but is helping programmers build concise APIs for easy deployment on all platforms with ultimate versatility.


The dream world of the artist of all shades, Kickstarter is one of the best examples of comprehensive mobile app development. It is an up-and-coming app in the years to grow with numerous musicians, filmmakers, designers and rest of the art-driven fraternity to turn their heads towards Kickstarter. The highly scalable application has an engaging UX with natural, effective content layout and an overall UI. The application has a story of migration that completed with their initiative of making this a highly scalable application for users. The broadening avenues of performance and high scalability has been a dominant driving force behind Kotlin rise and contribute towards the app.


One of the most used anonymizers or proxy service provider is using Kotlin in its backend for delivering quality, secured and private internet surfing experience. The mobile application is highly scalable and has clocked over a million downloads on android play store. Surprisingly, the Kotlin made the application has shown no signs of dipping performance or any spot of bother. It is looking to expand its user base with mobile apps.

Simple Calendar

One of the rare found completely ad-free calendar mobile apps is not just figuratively but actually an easy and useful calendar option available on the play store. It is an excellent application with all the required light functionalities for highly convenient use. It has all the features like planning, calendar update, and event management. It is finding its greatest USPs in the rarity of the app that it is entirely ad-free at all times. All the functionalities which are playing a constitutional role for building this app are finding their core in Kotlin. Moreover, a concise API and easy compatibility with the android studio is making this application a hit.

Basecamp 3

One of the best applications to boost small growing businesses in recent times was also built on Kotlin. It is a classic application which consistently scales the user base with ultimate comfort and quality mobile app development through Kotlin. This mobile application comes with numerous interconnected functionalities and all funnels in precise, highly concise APIs built exclusively on Kotlin.

Final Wrap Up

The craze for Kotlin is increasing like wildfire and numerous players in the tech user industry basket are welcoming this Android application programming language with both hands. The ultimate capability of concise, conveniently hardcoded applications is a significant motivation behind the widespread use of Kotlin. With proper integration to content delivery networks and other mobile app resources, it becomes a highly utilized, strong proposition for every Android Mobile App Development Company in 2019.

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