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Importance of UI/UX Design in Mobile App Development Process

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Mobile application development has tremendously altered the way we use our smartphones. One can expect their cellular device to perform the day to day tasks in a fraction of seconds that otherwise eat a lot of precious time!

With the utility mobile applications becoming popular among users, it is necessarily important for businesses to pay close attention to the user experience and user expectations. One just can’t get enough traffic or hits on their mobile application with the average design.

More emphasis should be given to the UI/UX of the application that significantly bump-ups the user experience. In this post, we are sharing some aspects that simply showcase the importance of the overall design of an application that everyone ought to know.

An Overview of UI and UX:

For all those who are unable to differentiate UI and UX;

UI: UI stands for User Interface, which is the crucial part of the mobile application development. One can expect better client engagement if their application is appealing enough to the users. As per the market experts, a poor or average user interface could be the worst thing that any mobile application could ever have besides offering reliable functionality.  As per the experts, the UI of an application can showcase a lot about the overall functionality and reliability of the application. Hence, one should never compromise on the same.

UX: UX stands for User Experience, which is again an important part of the development. You can’t expect a great response from the audience if your application isn’t delivering the right user experience. The application needs to be optimized and tested in a way that removes complexity and focuses on simplifying the processes. If your application isn’t serving the purpose in the most simplified way, users won’t engage. You have to be sure enough that the application is tested by keeping in mind the user perspective.

A mobile application that serves the purpose along with full functionality couldn’t be a big hit in the market until it has a stunning user interface and delivers a reliable user experience. Thus; it becomes mandatory for the designing team to analyze the exact needs of the users as per the latest trends. Here are some of the trends that are ruling the market when it comes to the improved user experience on mobile application.

The Latest Android UI/UX Trends to Consider in 2019


One of the powerful alterations that one can make in their application is the use of opacity. This approach is currently in trend and most of the designers are striving to enhance the overall appeal of their application through the introduction of opacity.

The logo and the buttons placed precisely on an opaque background could be the best thing that can bump-up the user experience and give a rich feel. If you are planning to build a business application, you can consider consulting a renowned designer to make the necessary alterations in your mobile application. Alternatively, one can consider hiring a professional Android App Development company for the same.

Customized Illustrations

Custom illustrations like numerous shapes, colors, and styles could eventually give a rich appeal to the application, which is perhaps the reason why most of the designers are following this trend. There are a lot of applications that can perform great but just because their design and layout aren’t customizable by users, they lack in delivering a better user interface.

As per the renowned graphic designers, the users are consistently on a hunt for the applications that can offer them the custom alterations as per their requirements. The dynamic colors also play a crucial role in uplifting the overall appeal of your application, which is the reason you need to choose the layout colors and background colors precisely. One can take the ideas from the internet to enhance your application’s appeal.

Frameless Background

There are a lot of games and high-graphic powered applications that have adopted this technique to engage users. One can use the frameless background in the application to give a rich and appealing look that would eventually augment the user experience. This technique is becoming popular among the business applications and gaming industry that wish to attract potential users.

One can consult the leading graphic designing enthusiasts that can help them in getting things done precisely without any hassle. There are numerous templates available on the internet when it comes to choosing the right layout for the background of the application. One can consider taking an idea from the competitor’s application.

3D Graphics

Three-dimensional graphics plays a crucial role in augmenting the user experience. This is one of the trending aspects of designing a website or an Android mobile application. The graphic designer needs to invoke their creativity and their knowledge to deliver a magnum-opus in a way that it helps in magnetizing potential clients.

The real-world inspired images used in the application’s splash screen could eventually depict a lot about your application and can also help in conveying a special message to the audience. Thus; it is always profitable to include 3D graphics in your application that holds the potential to harmonize the user experience.

Voice Assistance Compliance

Most of the people out there aren’t aware of the invoking of voice assistance in their application. One can simplify things with voice recognition, which again plays an important role in uplifting the user experience.

This is a unique feature that most of the business applications need to include if they are thinking out of the box for enhanced features in their application. As per the 2019 trends, you can include this functionality in your app by hiring a prominent developer that holds great expertise in providing the finest development solutions.

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These are some aspects that one can consider while developing an Android application. Moreover, the thing that matters is the fact that the UI/UX of an application should never be compromised while designing a business application.

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