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7 Best Educational Apps for Your Phone

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Mobile technology is one of the fantastic things to happen to the human race. And it has affected our lives in diverse ways. One of such is through education. There are several educational apps available for anyone to make learning easier. If you search the Google Play Store on your phone, you will notice there are thousands of applications in education. This might get you confused, and you may not know the right one to choose.

Knowing the best learning apps that suit your needs is more complicated than you think. Especially if you want to use your smartphone to teach yourself new skills or do assignments in school. Here are the best educational tools for your phone. This list is more focused on helpful applications for students. Feel free to choose anyone that is tailored to your needs and download.

Google PlayBook – Google PlayBook

google play book

This app is not new to most students as it has come a long way in the history of the educational applica1on. It allows you to purchase any book ranging from fic1on, non-fiction, guidebooks, and other literature. The price per book varies and tallies with prices on different online ebook platforms.

Khan Academy – Khan Academy

khan academy

It’s a learning platform that allows students to study a variety of classes and courses with thousands of instructional videos, and other valuable content all offered for free. It has an adult and kids app. And they both offer almost the same features. The primary difference is the courses that are tailored to a different audience. It’s one of the best learning apps for college students.

Socratic – Socratic


This is another useful app for college students that works fantastically and designed for high school students, especially. It’s a free app that you can take a photo of anything and upload it on this app. The app then tries to answer the question on the paper or solve the math problem. Students who need professional research paper writing service can use this app to study for tests and exams. You can also use it to conduct all kinds of research on your own before you hire or order for research paper online. Whether you are writing an essay or a dissertation, this app will make it easier for you.

The Great Courses – The Great Courses

the great courses

This is a free app but with in-app purchases and tailored to students that want to learn a course or develop their writing skills outside the four walls of a classroom. A student will find lectures from different professors on a wide range of subjects or topics. It’s mostly useful for students writing a research paper and on the lookout for materials to aid their research and findings.

 The lectures are professional in all aspects and well presented alongside visual aids when necessary. Although it’s a free app, the courses aren’t free.



It’s one of the best educational applications for your phone that offers free online courses. There are different topics and several subjects to choose from on the app. Many college students aspiring to become programmers mostly find this app useful. It helps them to get coaching from various experts and even allows them to apply for a verifica1on certification, which costs $200.

GradeProof – GradeProof

grade proof

GradeProof is the best personal wri1ng app for students that helps them to construct meaningful sentences. It helps them check for sentence originality and accuracy by iden1fying grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Students who want to improve their writing will find this app useful for learning. It’s free, but you need to upgrade to premium @$10/month to enjoy the full benefits of the app.

My Study Life – My Study Life

my study life

How can you cope with the demands of the school system, especially as a freshman in college? My Study Life was designed to make school life a breeze. With this free app, you can plan your entire day from attending classes to going to the party. When it comes to essay wri1ng and assignments, you can ensure you don’t miss a deadline by using the app to track your schedules and activities each day. It’s completely ad-free and sends you no1fica1ons of upcoming deadlines and tasks to enable you to achieve your daily goals. These are some of the best educa1onal tools for Android and iPhone you can use on your phone. Whether you are in high school or college, you can find the best app tailored to your needs.

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