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Location Based Mobile App Ideas for Your Business | Mobile App Developers

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We all use mobile apps in our day-to-day life. Many of them use our location to serve us better. In this article, here is a list provided by the Mobile App Development company of some app ideas which use location-based services for new and added functionalities.

1. Direction and Guidance Apps

People believe in ratings and reviews given by others who have used the same service or products. So an app can be developed which provides information about top quality restaurants, cheap dhabas for students, best fitness centers, amusement parks, etc. in a particular area. And the list will be sorted based on the ratings given by other people. Apart from that, the app will also give directions, shortest route, etc. to that place.

2. Weather Apps

There are tons of apps in this category but new functionalities and features can be added to improve the user experience. Like in case of heavy snowfall or rain, the app will tell people about difficult-to-go places and slippery roads, etc. Apart from that, it will inform people about various relief schemes launched by the government during natural calamities. Based on the current location of a user, this app will display nearest shelters if he/she gets stuck in adverse weather conditions.

3. Dating Apps

The app will match persons based on their locations. On a successful match, it will suggest the best dating place in a particular area. Apart from that, special seats and discounts may be given to users who have taken membership. In this way, people will be encouraged to take membership. Moreover, feedback may be asked from users about dating experience and based on that feedback, the app will suggest different places for a different experience.

4. Game Apps

Games have evolved from the snake in Nokia devices to PUBG. In this evolution, the location has played an important role. Based on the current location, players can join and play as a team. Apart from that, games like Pokemon Go was a hit, so a similar app can be developed with different features like some in-game purchases can only be made at certain locations or specific player can only be challenged at a particular location. Mobile App Development Company can partner with coffee shops or retail stores for such locations. In this way, both companies will get profits and increase their user base.

5. Travel Apps

We all love to travel but in a new place, it often becomes difficult to get proper information about a particular place. In such a scenario, based on the current location of a user, the app will show popular visiting places there. Apart from that, it will show some dos and don’ts along with other important information about the place like opening & closing time, ticket fare, etc. Moreover, based on the current location, it will show nearby hotels, restrooms, and so on.

6. Retail Apps

Based on the current location of a user, the app will show nearby retails stores for that company. Apart from that, it will also display a catalog of available products along with their prices in different stores in that vicinity. In this way, it will greatly improve the user experience as customers will not be frustrated because without visiting the shop they will get to know which products are out of stock. Apart from that, using the location of a user, the app will suggest the nearest pickup points for delivery if the consignment is unable to reach the specified address.

7. Task Automation Apps

These apps work on the implementation of IFTTT (if this then that) and they are becoming very popular. Imagine how good it will be if home accessories and devices can be operated just by tapping a button or speaking to voice assistant. Like “Home” app by Apple which has started the revolution of automated tasks. So similar apps can be made to control accessories like switch on/off lights, regulate room temperature, set timers for the oven, and what not.

So, these are some creative ideas for new or existing projects. Mobile App Developers can implement these ideas using current technologies.

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