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10 Features That Can Make Your App Popular

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In modern times like now, you have to be well aware of all the technologies present in the market. Being a step ahead of your competitors gives you an edge otherwise you will lose lots of your customers. Your potential customers will turn into your loyal customers if you give them the best availability in the market.

Now, even after you keep your pace up with the latest trends in technology, you need to make sure that you optimize it so that you can procure best results out of your investment. Almost all companies creating their App like Amazon, Netflix or bitcoin mining online due to the increase of mobile users. App development being the hot trend as of now, needs to be used more optimized.

Let’s assume that you already have a successfully working app on a popular platform, however, still, you are not getting as much traffic on your app as you anticipated. Well, we hate to burst your bubble but, only investing in a mobile app will not suffice your success. There are explicit elements present which must be taken care of to ensure the positive and vibrant results.

So, in this article, we will be discussing some interesting ways through which you can increase the traffic on your app and make it popular in the market.

  • Social media integration

Social Media plays an eminent part in the lives of people. Now that social media has a wide reach globally, it is only fitting that you should use this platform for your benefit. Once you start promoting your app on social media apps, more people across the world can access it. Hence, it will increase your app traffic threefolds. Search Engine Optimization is an incredible tool for this purpose. It will ensure that your app reaches a wider audience.

  • Login option

Most of the apps now come with the login option. Now, you must think why is it so important and impactful? Well, who likes to sign up on separate accounts on multiple apps? It is an utter waste of effort and really an inconvenience. This is why developers have introduced the login option with other platforms like Google, Facebook, and other famous apps.

  • Feedback

It is known that feedback plays an important role in everyone’s growth, be it a person or company. From an industrial front, it is prominent for a company to acknowledge the views of its consumers and take their suggestions. By doing this, you will get to know the user’s perspective about your app, and you can fix bugs and all the inconvenient factors that hinder the smooth experience of the user.

  • Engaging Interface

Nothing can beat an aesthetically pleasing app that evokes the interest of users. The interface is the first thing that a user encounters in your app, so you have to make sure that it is exceptionally engaging and intriguing to users’ eyes. After creating the first impression via an unparalleled interface, you are ready to blow their minds away with your app’s features.

  • Trusted Payment options

Whether you deal with products or SaaS, there is always cash involved. Now, to make customers more accepting of your app, you must have trusted payment options. From the customers’ front, they like nothing more than the security of their transactions. So, it is always advised to encourage the trust of your customers by providing gateways like PayPal, Google Pay, and more.

  • Constant updates

Only developing an app is not always profitable in the long run. You cannot just create an app and leave is as it is in hopes of making profits. It is inexplicably important to update your app with better and developed features to always maintain the quality of the User Experience. The more effort and thought you put into your app, the more quality output it will produce.

  • Offline

Well, in recent times, everyone is expected to have internet accessibility, however, you must always be prepared for the otherwise. If you have been open to the offline accessibility option and in case, the need for it arises then it wouldn’t be of many problems to you. Additionally, customers like to have more options in hand, and if you deliver exactly what they need, your app will achieve popularity on its own, without you putting any further efforts.

  • Web and Mobile friendly apps

Isn’t it obvious for an app that operates on one device, as remarkably as it does on another, gaining popularity is as easy as shelling peas. This is why you should always consider a Hybrid framework that allows an app to perform as competently on the web as it does on the mobile platform. So, do invest in Progressive web apps and we assure you that you won’t regret it.

  • Multiple Platforms

Covering wider platforms is always a smart move to make to ensure the popularity of your app. When you are investing in an app, it is only fitting that you do everything that needs to be done in order to make it accessible to all, including customers using iOS to those who use Android, Windows, Blackberry and more.

  • High performance

No one likes an app that takes ages to load, this drives the users to other apps that are better in performance. Now, you wouldn’t want that, would you? To avoid this unfortunate incident, your app must contain all the necessary features and should be compatible with the latest technology. An app that is phenomenally fast and easy to use surpasses all others that are less than perfect.

We hope that this article gives you a clear idea of what is the “Must Include” features for your app that will guarantee its success and popularity globally.

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