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Digital Marketing Predictions: 5 Ideas for Your Strategy in 2021

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It is always challenging for a business to come up with new ideas on how to engage their audience and spread more brand awareness. Nowadays, the most important aspects to consider are your ability to keep up with trends, and the potential to always offer your clients something new and exciting.

Visuals are always the center of marketing material, no matter what or when.. This is simply because it is the most used content type. You will always have something to post if you opt for contemporary stock photography websites. It will make your life easier and save a lot of time on content creation.

1. Voice Search Optimization Is a Must

The need for virtual assistants prospers every day, with AI technology like Alexa growing in demand by the masses. Almost everyone to this day has tried chatting with their Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri. Even if it’s mostly for fun, the percentage of those who search with voice commands, instead of typing increases rapidly every day.. Understandably, people speak differently from the way that they write. This means that when you explore voice search optimization for your website, use keywords that you would rather say than type.

2. Explore Alternative Social Media Platforms

TikTok was something considered niche and strange at its beginning, but after some time on the market, that quickly changed. Now, almost everyone uses it, which means it’s a good idea to explore how your business can interact with this highly popular platform. Many professionals don’t use LinkedIn and Facebook for networking anymore. They started to explore alternative social media, such as Tinder, to promote their work and their company. This trend will grow bigger in 2021. For your brand, it’s promising to keep up with the latest trends and to pay attention to new social media platforms that emerge, in order to grow your audience.

3. Humanization of Your Brand Image

While personalization has been a huge marketing trend for the last several years, the humanization of your brand is something that takes things to the next level. Today, many people want to reach businesses and connect to them with ease. Contemporary customers want to see your sincere, personal responses. It’s good if a person can directly message you on Instagram and receive a response. It’s even better if you actively communicate with your clients in the comment section on your social media (don’t forget about emojis).

Even if you’re not a retail company and don’t sell your products directly on social media, your SMM manager should be trained to redirect people to the right place, in order to satisfy their needs and answer their questions. It’s more convenient for a customer to message you on a social media platform than to wait a week for an email response. Strive to be more humane and easy-to-reach for your clients.

4. Employees Are the Real Face of Your Company

Engaging with your employees on social media is another must for 2021. You see, nowadays, everyone is a content creator who posts to their accounts, engages with their friends and family, and has a large following that they network with. Your employees should enjoy working at your company and understand the privileges of mentioning their workplace on social media. Sharing their work and the life hacks they’ve learned is something that can generate sincere interest in your brand and instantly build trust. However, remember that no employee would do this without motivation.

As an example, if you have a copywriter who writes SEO texts for you, it’s a good thing to mention their name and bio under each of their articles. This allows search engines to compile more information about the author, and if they write quality articles on your field topics, this will help your overall search engine optimization.

5. Invest in a YouTube Channel and Collaborate With Content Creators

Today, videos account for around 70% of web traffic. YouTube is the most popular video hosting service, with more people viewing videos on their platform than on the Facebook video player. For several years now, brands have been working with Instagram influencers. Now, if you want to be ahead of the game, think about collaborating with a YouTube creator on both of your channels. It’s something that can bring in more engagement and conversion. Youtube videos also have a much longer lifespan than posts on Instagram and Facebook. This way, people will be aware of your business for months or even years to come.


In these trying times, many brands have discovered that they need to revolutionize their traditional marketing efforts to stay afloat. Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on what you can do to be relevant in 2021.

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