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6 Myths About Facebook Business Page Management

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Social Media is an integral part of our daily life. People love to share their photos, moods, special days everything on social media. According to various surveys, 66% people check their news feed as soon as they wake up (social media is more important than gulping water in the morning). Today we will talk about Facebook Myths.

Well, few people are really happy with this growing addiction. Can you guess who they are?

They are the wise business houses who love to use social media as a tool for their promotion. Now, this is not an exclusive trick anymore. People already know about this. Before planning any promotional strategy, people create their business pages in leading Social Media.

Managing a Facebook page is tricky, not tough you just have to follow certain rules. Before discussing the myths let me pen down the things you can initially do:

  • Create a username
  • Keep your logo as the profile picture
  • An appropriate cover picture is necessary.
  • Write a niche specific post
  • Don’t just post images, write mini blogs with that.
  • Follow other’s page of your industry
  • Write them about properly.

But, there are few facebook misconception and myths… here we will try to talk about those myths….

  1. It does not need any strategy

Few page admin thinks that random posting on their page means man good management. Basically, your choice in case of posting on the business page is not important, You really need a specific strategy according to your business goal and your target prospective customers.

You have to survey about what time most of your consumers spend their time online. And that will be the right time for your post. Your posts must be appropriate and deeply connected with your product or service. It must be catchy and smart as well

Before making the strategy, you need to do a lot of research. You need to know the best and worst times of posting. You need to do the segmentation about your customer and create the post according to that.


  1. Quality of the post matters

It does not matter if you post 8 times a day or 2 times a day. Consistency and the quality of the post matters. Why do you post in the first place? To get notice right! So the quality of the posts is really very important.

Decide the numbers of the post you can create and maintain the quality. Make something, that can be shared spontaneously and help to create a brand awareness.

You are creating the page the posts for human not for robots. So the creative must be informative or catchy and interesting.


  1. Followers are not important, only buyers are

This is another Facebook Myth. Treat each follower and likers as serious buyers from day one. Do not take them casually. If they decided to follow your brand, then they must have an interest. Do not take the facebook uses as casual time passers.

If you take them casually, that will definitely be reflected in your virtual approaches. They will get the vibration for sure. Remember, they are your spontaneous volunteers and promoters. So give them importance.

  1. Reply to comments is not necessary

I still remember the day, when someone commented for the first time on my page. I was thrilled and spend more than 15 mins in thinking what to write in to be perfect! Because this is a part of Online Reputation Management.

Interacting with your followers and likers are essential. Give them a VIP treatment and you will be overwhelmed with the return, trust me.

When your followers are commenting on your posts, they are expecting a feedback from your end. If they are giving any negative review, they are waiting for a solution you give. If you treat them well, they will spread good words about your brand. Reputations can be built like this. This things actually work like ‘Karma’. You will always get the return.

See haters will always be there. But don’t be engaged in hot talks or argument. Small or big, you are actually representing a Brand. Your every word is creating or destroying the Brand reputation.


  1. Just sharing is not enough

I often notice a few randomly shared posts. Few brands just engage a group of people to share the posts in different groups and walls. Trust me sometimes, its just annoying to notice a Clothing page link in a travel group. Searching for potential clients is good but few things should be off limit. And this kind of posting is actually very unprofessional. It can be harmful to your brand image. But these are not enough. Then what is enough?

Honestly speaking every day a new trend or promotional style is being introduced. Algorithms are constantly changing. So constant updating is necessary. Don’t just send links randomly in private messages. They may feel bothered. Share the post on your wall and maybe few related groups as well

  1. Just Posting Images are great

Of course, you can post beautiful quotes, well-designed graphics, no issues with that. But writing few lines related to that post is compulsory. Facebook says the posts with an intro or a mini blog get more views. And your intention is to grab the attention, right! Then writing a few words is not going to be big deal.

Initially sharing in the related group and with interested people is important. Using hashtag is another good way to spread your words. Of course, you need to know the proper hashtags.

We know that this entire process is a bit confusing. But this is an unavoidable part of a business in this digital era. Knowing just a few parts of digital marketing is not enough for the growth.  You need to know many other things like following up with your customers, followers and a lot more things. So start learning slowly. And I think this article can help you: All the best.

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