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How To Improve Your Parcel Delivery Service In The New Year

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The new year is upon us and for many businesses, it is the time where many are playing catchup on orders over Christmas. But for others, it is a chance to streamline business processes and begin the new year with the best possible customer, business relationship. In this article, we will be looking into some of the ways that you can improve your parcel delivery service and help it to grow, without neglecting the needs and wants of your company.

Invest In Packaging To Ensure Items Don’t Get Broken

Though packaging may seem like the last thing to invest in it is crucial when using a parcel delivery option or cheap courier company as this can prevent your item from becoming damaged in transit. By using a box that is the correct strength as well as internal packagings such as bubble wrap and air pockets, this can help to protect the packaging and ensure that it is delivered without any damages. This is important for business owners to remember as this will ensure that parcels get to your customers with no damage.

Offer A Range Of Delivery Options

In addition to the packaging that is being used it is also important to offer a range of delivery options. This will keep people coming back and using your company as people want their items as quickly as possible when ordering online. By offering quick delivery you are then able to compete with other delivery companies such as Amazon that are offering same-day delivery as well as next day delivery for their prime users at no extra charge.

Provide A Clear Tracking Page

If your company is currently allowing its customers to apply tacking to their packaging, it is crucial that you have a designated page. This will allow your customers to find the information that they need as quickly as possible and begin to track their parcel clearly. If this is available but is not clearly labeled, you then run the risk of customers not being able to track their items and using an alternative company next time around. By designing the site with the customer in mind, this can help to better the reputation of your business whilst keeping customers happy.

Be Smart About Package Weight

When sending a parcel to a customer it is important to think about the weight. Not only can this cost your company more, but it can also mean a larger box is needed. Though it is recommended that furniture and heavier items be sent in a wooden box, the weight of other goods may require a corrugated cardboard box in order to hold the weight. These boxes can be purchased in bulk along with other packing material and can be used when necessary to ensure no damage is done in transit.

Provide An Array Of Delivery Windows

The final way that you can improve the service that you provide is by giving a delivery window. This allows your customers to make sure that they are home in order to receive the delivery. This, therefore, avoids the item being returned to the sender and ensures that you are saving money in the long term.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that you as a business owner can improve your customer’s experience with this courier company and maintain a healthy relationship that will benefit the business in the future.


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