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25 Interesting Business Ideas for Inspiration

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Coming up with a killer business idea can be just as hard as running the actual business. In a world filled with pockets of supply and demand, it is hard to find that one gap that is also aligned with your expertise and interests. To help get your creative juices flowing, below are 25 unusual—yet amazing—business ideas you can use for inspiration:

#1. A Cuddling Company

As the song says, “all we need is someone to lean on.” Everybody needs little comforting to forget the daily blur of stress and worry.

#4. Custom-Made Gift Baskets

Decorative gift baskets have the ability to make someone feel extremely important during special occasions. However, not all gift-givers have the time or creative skills needed to put together a beautiful gift basket. That is where business-minded individuals should step in and tap into this new market.

#5. A Self-Storage Business

Many entrepreneurs dream of having their real-estate empire. However, instead of luxurious condominium units or suburban houses, some companies rent out self-storage units for those who require extra space. These units are multipurpose and can tap into multiple markets such as entrepreneurs, businesses, and moving households.

#6. A Mystery Shop

Do you ever feel the want to buy something, but have no idea of what to get? Mystery shops cater to this unusual human behavior by offering a random item in exchange for cash. To add excitement, try to provide rare items such as vintage vinyl records, phased-out gadgets, and so on.

#7. A Cardboard Box Shop

Instead of throwing out cardboard boxes or letting them gather dust, some people go to cardboard box shops to exchange their boxes for spare change. In turn, these stores turn the boxes over for a profit. After all, you never know when you will need extra boxes for storage.

#8. A Home Day Care

Turning your house into a daycare is perfect for at-home moms who are fond of children. Although you may need to do minor makeovers in your home to attract more clients, you do not need a license to babysit as long as you do not go over a specific number of children.

#9. Home Senior Care

As opposed to a home day care, a home senior care company sends out qualified individuals to the homes of elderly people. Remember that this is a legitimate industry with several regulations you need to learn.

#10. An Errand Service

Most people have plenty of errands on their plate but lack the time needed to do them. With an errand service, all you need is a phone, a car, and basic knowledge of how things work; such as paying bills, picking up laundry, and shopping for groceries.

#11. Sled Dog Business

The sled dog business idea may only be available for some areas but it is a great market to enter if you want reliable income. To improve the experience of customers, companies like the Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel allow them to interact with the sled dogs and learn more about the sledding culture.

#12. A Pet-Sitting Business

Although being a dog walker is not exactly a unique business idea, being a pet sitter is because you cover a larger scope of animal types and pet care services. This business idea is a stress-free and highly profitable opportunity for animal lovers.

#13. Remote Bookkeeping Business

Bookkeeping is an essential aspect of accounting for businesses. Although some accountants already work as a remote freelance bookkeeper, not all of them can reach or be reached by potential clients. That is where middlemen can step up, connect the two parties, and funnel profits along the way.

#14. Social Media Consultancy

Social media marketing is one of the pillars of modern digital marketing. That is why it is a good time to found a consultancy business for companies who have no idea where to start. Of course, you need to be an expert in the field to enter this industry.

#15. Online Music Tutorials

If music lessons are your primary source of income, can easily reach more people with your music tutorials by starting a blog or an online subscription service. You can also leverage platforms like Udemy to access tools for better online instruction.

#16. Kid-Friendly Mobile Apps

If you think the mobile app industry is a complicated market to enter, then think again. Kid-friendly mobile apps only require the most basic coding, particularly for simple touch interactions. As long as you have a killer idea, then you should be able to develop something useful.

#17. Online Copywriter

No matter how the market evolves, there will always be a need for writers because everyone needs copy. Aside from freelancing sites like oDesk, you can also find work as a copywriter in sites like or

#18. Virtual Assistant

If you are skilled in business but have no company to work with, then you should consider being a remote virtual assistant. From handling email marketing to managing a blog, you will basically be in charge of the day-to-day activities that the business owner cannot fulfill.

#19. Translation Services

You do not have to be multilingual to run your translation services company. All you need is the networking skills needed to find individuals who can do the translation for you. Just remember to have an English-speaking proofreader or editor to ensure the quality of the end product.

#20. A Mobile Salon

Not everyone has the spare time to go to the nearest salon to get their hair and nails done. So why not bring the salon to them? Companies like Beauticians on the Go already do this, but they have limited reach due to location.

#21. A Gardening Business

Aside from tending to plans, herbs, and flowers yourself, you can offer your knowledge to help others instead. Some common ideas include writing a gardening blog, holding seminars, and teaching in recreation centers.

#22. An App Testing Business

Testing is a crucial phase in product development, but it takes a lot more than just having a test run and giving feedback. A testing company like SOASTA, for example, offer in-depth analytics that helps developers polish their product to perfection.

#23. 3D-Printed Pancakes

The 3D-printing technology opens up endless possibilities, including the ability to create specially-formed pancakes. If you are serious about this market, you may consider getting a 3D printer that’s designed to work with pancake batter.

#24. Computer Maintenance Services

Although people have been using computers for a long time, most people are still unaware of how to do proper maintenance. For technical-savvy individuals, you can open up your computer maintenance service and perform tasks such as clean-ups, virus removal, and disk reformats.

#25. A Sewing Business

Despite the number of big name manufacturers, a sewing business is still a viable investment for those who are skilled with embroidery and hand sewing. Some in-demand products include children’s clothes, accessories, custom curtains, and hats.


At the end of the day, you are not required to copy any of the business ideas listed above. They should only serve to inspire and remind you that the world can always use new ideas. Just let your imagination loose and your mindset on making a difference.

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