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How to Get General Labor Jobs In Toronto Through An Agency

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General Labor Jobs in Toronto

Companies hire staffing agencies to look for job candidates to fill positions in the company. The jobs could be perm or general labor jobs in Toronto. Agency recruiters get all the available positions from various client companies and identify the qualified candidates, who are then screened, and the best applicant is chosen to fill the position.

Most people usually confuse employment agencies with recruitment agencies. However, some differences exist between these two agencies. Employment agencies serve the interest of job seekers while recruitment agencies work on behalf of employers. For instance, if you are looking for general labor jobs in Toronto, an employment agency will come in handy. However, for companies looking to hire perm or temp employees, a recruitment agency is the best agency to consider.

1. The Structure of a Recruitment Agency

There are various ways in which a recruitment agency structures its services and fees. Main ones include the following;

  • Contingency recruitment- here, the job seeker has deducted some fee from its salary if he is hired.
  • On-demand recruitment- this depends on the work available, and the fee is usually adjusted on an hourly basis.
  • Executive or retained search- the head-hunter is paid some fee by the company he is working for after filling a certain executive position.

2. Why Work With An Agency?

Many companies look for the services of recruitment agencies for various reasons. Common reasons include the following;

  • Perm and temp agencies Toronto recruiters provide support to hiring managers, especially where there is no human resource team.
  • Identifying and selecting highly professional and specialized talents.
  • Looking for workers for general labor jobs in Toronto, especially during a growth spurt or hiring spree.
  • To maintain confidentiality in sensitive searches such as head-hunts.

3. Can A Recruitment Agency Get Me A Job?

Staffing agencies do that every day. There are so many companies that need quality employees, and they don’t know where to find them. On the other hand, there are so many qualified candidates outside there looking for jobs, but they don’t know where to find them. This is where temp agencies Toronto come in. However, you should note that you are not guaranteed a job by just registering with a recruitment agency. There is still so much you should do.


4. Know That Staffing Agencies Don’t Look Jobs For Seekers, They Look For Job Seekers For Jobs.

When you decide to use a job agency to look for a job, you don’t pay anything for the services the agency provides you with. Instead, the agency is hired by the client companies to look for job seekers with specific skills and qualifications. So, the recruitment agency is paid by the company though not all operate that way. Some take some fee from you after getting the work.

The job requirements of the company are quite specific. It usually highlights well what kind of candidate is needed, the position and the qualifications the ideal candidate should have.

The reason for being specific is that the process of hiring is costly and money consuming, and the company wants to get the best applicant. Remember, the candidate will go through training, and if the company can get a candidate who is well acquainted with the position, the better.

So, employers don’t ask the recruitment agencies for candidates who are “almost fit” or a person who will do the work if given an opportunity. They hire staffing agencies to send them three or two candidates who can fit well in the position.

5. Don’t Just Sit There.

What does this imply to you as a jobseeker? Well, when you sign up with a recruitment agency, you have to do more to stay on the radar. Here are some things you should do;

  • Be flexible- you should be adaptable to your time of work, the place, and hours of work.
  • Expand your skills- tale some courses to add more certificates.
  • Update your profile and resume- for instance, if you take a course and learn a new skill, update it in your resume.
  • Have an online portfolio.
  • Update your contact address and your contacts- if you have moved to a new place, update that in your profile.
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