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Top 10 Recruitment Sales Techniques: All You Need To Know

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What does a recruiter do? If you think about it carefully and objectively, then you would find that recruiting and sales are a lot similar in approach than you have ever noticed. A salesman is responsible for selling the company’s goods, products, and services. On the other hand, the recruiter is responsible for selling the job and filling in the vacancies with the right people. Recruitment sales is thus a lot deeper and the complex process then what you think of it.

However, it is a crucial part of the process and something without which a company, firm or business can’t go. So, every business be it a large scale or a small scale has to undergo a recruitment process to find the right skilled person for the respective job.

Recruitment services providers play a great role in this regard. To market your job effectively to the aspirants’ recruitment services provider can provide great help.  You can watch for recruitment services in Dubai, India, South Africa, Canada based on your needs and the requirements of the job.

It’s a fact that recruiting is not an easy task. But it can be made simpler by some tips and tricks. So, if you are a recruiter or into recruitment services then we have got the top 10 recruitment sales techniques for you. Read them up and apply them practically to get results.

1. Do Your Research

Now it if you are an owner of a business, firm or a company looking to recruit people then the first and the most important thing you should do os research. Open the spreadsheet or the excel and make a list of the recruitment services provider you will contact, like the recruitment services in Dubai, India is best for IT industry based businesses. Recruiting a major part of every business and its not something to be taken lightly. And like we said recruitment people and selling out the vacancies is an art and not something everyone can handle. So its best for small scale businesses to let the professionals handle the recruiting for them.

2. Build Rapport

Always remember that nobody in this world would buy anything from a person they don’t like. A rude and unfriendly attitude of a salesperson can be a major problem why you are not able to sale. So the person sitting in front of you for a job is not going to work with you, however, desperate he/she may be. Yes of course unless you are able to build a close and harmonious relationship with that person where you can understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate and deal in good faith. Always remember nobody will deal in a bad faith with you, so be polite and respectful towards a candidate you are selling the job to.

3. Identify Needs

This is the basis of selling anything whether it may be a product, job, services or any other thing is need. Remember you don’t sell something to somebody that they don’t need. Now instead of wasting time lets look at the stats and according to stats 30 percent of the time you are taking because you are asking questions and about 70 percent of the time the client, candidate or whoever the person sitting in front of you looking for the job is just answering those questions.

Well, this way they help you in identifying their needs. Sometimes the person in front of you is confused and can not perceive their own needs. For instance, the younger generation is really confused at the beginning of their carrier about what and where they want to work. So it’s your duty as a recruiter to know what kind of exposure does your candidate is looking for. Don’t be dumb while you interact with them, everyone gives vibes/hints to what they want and what they don’t. Be smart and judge wisely and give them what they exactly need.

4. Know The Job

Now you cant sell something if you know nothing about it. So before you go out to sell your job in the market it’s better to learn every aspect of it. Going unprepared into a battle could make you lose the war. So take your time in learning the job requirement, daily responsibilities of the future employee, etc. Talk to department managers, other employees, etc. Get a feel of what it would be like to work here. And by the end of the day make sure you know everything about the job when you are ready for the recruitment. Else you will just make your candidate confuse ruining the whole recruitment process. And believe us this is not something you would want for your company.

5. Be Yourself

Don’t try to fake yourself just to intimidate someone. Be authentic and real in front of the candidate. After all, you are not the one who is being judged here.

6. Read Everything

Be aware of the candidate and read everything they provide you like their CV, resume, etc. The most important skill for a recruiter is the smartest one in the room. To do so you have to read. So make sure that you read every inch of the material you are provided with.

7. Be Confident

This is important whether you are recruiting or trying to sell something to the client. Confidence in what you are offering is a must. If you yourself won’t believe in what you are offering then why should your candidate?

8. Listen

Although it is important for a recruiter to be able to communicate. It’s more important for them to be able to listen and understand every detail that falls on their year. There is a moment in a recruitment process where the candidate tells the recruiter about himself giving in crucial details. So if you are not an exceptional listener, there are chances that you might miss out on important details. Thus affecting your decision-making skills.

9. Connect To The Network

Now, you know about the job, your market and whom you are looking for. These are elements are important for a recruiter especially the number of people he knows and has an influence over in the market. However, all these are like raw resources crucial but still useless. You need to connect with this network for a successful recruiting campaign.

10. Always Be Open To Approaches

Now if you are known in the market then you are going to be approached by a number of people looking for a job. It is important that you engage with all of them, irrespective of the bizarre methods/ways they use to approach you. Who knows when you might find a talented employee.

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