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4 Game Changers for USA Recruiters in 2021

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2020 was an intriguing year for the job market and recruitment. The recruiting process has changed massively in the past year, and it’ll likely evolve more in the coming months.

Recruiters need to find efficient and time-effective ways to communicate, contact, and engage with people. It is vital to find tools, tricks, and methods to find the most qualified candidates and retain them.

Here are four game-changers for USA recruiters in 2021.

More Advanced Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Gone are the days where recruiters and HR departments look at each submitted application. ATSs have been around since the 1990s, but early systems did little more than tracking incoming resumes. In recent years and going into 2021, ATSs are becoming more advanced.

New ATSs have expanded functionality, including skills-matching, CV parsing, and job posting. Some ATSs can automatically surface and highlight top candidates based on their skills, titles, and keywords in their resumes. The new generation of ATSs can organize candidate documents and streamline processes like never before. Using an advanced ATS in 2021 will help recruiters find the most qualified candidates quickly and easily.

Updated Background Check Processes

Recruiters relying on antiquated policies to facilitate background checks or conduct background checks themselves will waste time. And when there are already so many processing delays for criminal record checks, it begs the question — can recruiters afford such a time sink?

Background check companies are rapidly expanding their services to serve as an extension of the recruiters’ team. Most third-party background check services use the latest technology to screen candidates, meaning background check providers have a leg up on recruiters.

Properly screening people is what background check companies do — they’re good at it.

Recruiters that recognize and utilize proven background check vendors in 2021 will streamline their recruiting processes, keep their current employees safe, and protect their brand and reputation.


Gamification is the trend of applying game mechanics to non-game environments, such as recruitment. Gamification is forecasted to become a highly significant trend in recruitment for 2021 for many reasons.

First, it encourages candidates to engage with the brand and products using a game. Second, it incorporates a fun element into a typically tedious recruiting process.

Gamification is an effective method for evaluating applicants before recruiters invite them in for a formal interview. Recruiters can use it to create a simulated work environment in which candidates can experience tasks they would do if hired.

Gamification is a game-changer for 2021 because recruiters will see candidates’ skills in action and get an idea of how they would approach day-to-day challenges on the job.

Location Technology

Recruiters asking for candidates’ locations is not new. It’s difficult for a candidate to perform a job if they’re not in the right spot unless the work is intentionally remote.

However, recruiters can get more data from location technology than just the candidate’s current location.

Recruiters who have insight into where prospective candidates go daily may enable them to target the most qualified candidates. Accurate location technology may also help recruiters target prospective job candidates when they are most inclined to engage and respond, such as when they arrive at home.

Using location technology as a powerful recruitment tool is a game-changer for 2021 and beyond.

Final Thoughts

There are many classic recruitment tools and methods one can use to streamline the hiring process. Criminal background checks, location technology, gamification, and ATSs are not new concepts.

However, using more current practices and applications in the recruitment process will be game-changers going into 2021. So, which one of these will you use?

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