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Why Executive Headhunters Are Crucial For C-Suite Hiring

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One of the best investments large businesses and organizations can make is choosing to outsource their C-suite hiring to an established retained search firm with an experienced team of executive headhunters. This avoids the time-consuming and often stressful process of handling hiring executive talent in-house.

When searching for C-suite and executive-level talent, making just one bad hiring choice can echo a chain reaction of negative consequences down the line. For example, it can involve a dramatic drop in productivity and morale from teams and other staff members due to a lack of effective leadership.

It can also be a very expensive mistake resulting in more resources and expenses being dedicated to having to search for and re-interview candidates all over again, having to pay out severance packages, and more.

When it comes to searching for C-suite, executive, and senior management-level talent, it is crucial that the chosen candidate possess the required hard and soft skill sets have the same values as the organization and is the right fit for the company culture.
This is why executive search firms are essential for sourcing top-performing talent and avoiding the risk of making a bad hiring choice.

Access To More Top-Performing Candidates

It can be a common occurrence when searching for a C-suite candidate that much of the ideal talent aren’t actively searching for new career opportunities or are already employed at a renowned company. In these situations, it requires a large amount of skill, effort, resources, and time in order to efficiently pursue and persuade these candidates to consider working for another company.

This is one of the main reasons why many organizations choose to outsource this process to an executive search firm. Their headhunters are highly experienced in identifying, approaching, and persuading potential talent, whether or not they are searching for new employment opportunities.

An executive headhunter is a master in the art of persuasion, and as such, they have a high focus on building close relationships with each candidate. Over the course of their career, this enables them to build up and have access to an exclusive talent pool of industry contacts they have already built a rapport with.

The Best Fit for the Organization

When it comes to making a bad hiring choice, it isn’t always a situation where a candidate is hired without having the required set of skills to efficiently manage the position. A candidate may hold the necessary qualifications, skill sets, and relevant experience to step into the role, but they may not possess the right personality or long-term goals relevant to the organization and its company culture.

To avoid this situation from happening, executive headhunters will assess each and every selected candidate according to data and other information gathered by their in-house research teams to create a ‘persona’. This persona will paint the picture of what a candidate must look like according to specific factors such as their personality.

For example, the ideal personality traits for leadership and C-suite roles are determination, assertiveness, and empathy. However, negative traits such as a lack of empathy and narcissism will most likely result in their team members and other staff suffering as a result.

An executive headhunter will interview each candidate to make sure that their values and long-term goals are aligned with the company. After going through the entire hiring process and onboarding a candidate, the last thing an organization need is to have that candidate then leave after a few months due to personal differences.

Find an Ideal Candidate Quickly

If a C-suite position is not filled within a short amount of time, it can drain a large amount of revenue. This can also affect team members. They may have to take on additional tasks and responsibilities until the senior position is filled, a reduction in productivity due to a lack of leadership, and more. This is why speed is important.

Roughly 10 days is the typical amount of time that qualified and skilled executive talent stays available on the job market, which isn’t a lot of time. This is why an executive search firm is highly focused on sourcing, interviewing, assessing, and presenting their clients with top-performing talent quickly.

Discreet and Confidential

It can be very common for an organization to not want to announce to their employees or the public that they are hiring for an executive, senior or C-suite position. There are many reasons for this such as not wanting to alarm team members or the current employee in the position may not have left the business yet.

When working with an executive search firm, the entire C-suite hiring process is kept fully discreet and confidential. This gives organizations the power to officially announce the news of a new hire when they are ready.

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