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Surefire Ways to Build Employer Brand through Social Media

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Want to recruit top talent?

Dream of people standing up in queues when you open a new job position?

Start building your employer brand through social media.

According to LinkedIn, today:

  • 55% of recruiting leaders worldwide have a proactive employer brand strategy
  • 59% of recruiting leaders plan on investing more into employer branding
  • employer branding strategy helps reduce employee turnover by at least 28% and bring 50% more qualified applicants
  • with a successful employer brand, companies hire new employees 2 times faster

What role does social media play in building your employer brand?

According to the above-mentioned source, 47% of employer branding depends on a successful social media strategy.

Social media platforms bring employer a number of benefits, among which are:

  • enormous outreach, helping you to find not only local specialists but also qualified employees from abroad
  • a more targeted employee search, helping you find the best candidates
  • increase job visibility since social networks have the audiences of millions, and sometimes billions of people

What does it take to build a successful employer brand through social media?

Let’s take a look at some strategies and how companies around the world use them to build up their presence on social media and attract top candidates.

Bring the Benefits Forward

What are job seekers looking for when they are searching for a new job?

According to the research by Glassdoor, among the top factors that job seekers look for in a job ad is the information on benefits. People want to learn more about what’s in store in the job of their interest besides salary and location.

Employers often list the benefits in a job description, extensively describing what their employees will take advantage of once they become a part of the team.

But why not show it?

Microsoft, for instance, shows an example of a wonderful employer brand by sharing its team’s activities on a separate Instagram page. Among many things, like entertainment and corporate education activities, Microsoft shares the volunteering opportunities that its team takes advantage of:

Thus, Microsoft builds a great employer brand through social media by bringing all the benefits forward that allow their team members to grow both as professionals and personalities.

Show Support

Top talent candidates are looking for a job, where they will be able to apply all their talents. As an employer, you need to show them that all their skills and talents will be useful, thus creating an atmosphere of support.

Support is what job seekers look for. “According to our research, one of the top factors that influence the decision of a job candidate regarding a job position is the ability of an employer to support the ambitions of an employee”, says Felicity Harris, a researcher at Flatfy.

You can benefit from it to build your employer brand through social media. For instance, Marriott often makes posts about the talents and skills of its employees on their second Instagram account:

By doing so, Marriott acknowledges and supports the talents of its employees, being a good example of a successful employer brand on social media.

Don’t Be Afraid to Share

People love storytelling. That’s why this format is among the most popular types of content on social media. This happens because:

  • stories appeal to a certain emotion
  • as stories constantly create and release tension, they boost attention
  • since stories are often raw and unpolished, they help build trust between a user and a brand

Ultimately, these three factors contribute to the memorability of the story, making it a surefire way to draw attention from large crowds.

As an employer, you can also benefit from storytelling. You can use your social media accounts as a diary of your company, sharing the behind-the-scenes details. Ultimately, the storytelling format of the content will help you decrease the talent shortage in your company and attract the top job candidates.

Thus, if you want to build a successful employer brand through social media, don’t be afraid to share. Don’t be afraid of raw, unpolished content, as it is what potential job candidates want to see instead of a fake-looking polished picture. Surplex, a German machinery retailer, is a good example of applying this tactic:

They share their everyday stories on social media, inviting others to participate and contribute to the company’s development. Ultimately, such an approach creates trust towards the employer and benefits the employer brand.

Wrapping Up

So, what’s behind a successful employer brand on social media?




These three factors will help attract the best job candidates. People are looking for genuineness, when they are first introduced to an employer, and they value truth over a pretty picture.

So, we invite you to follow our tips to build an employer brand through social media. They will help you stand out and will drive the most talented workforce to your company.

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