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How to maximize ROI on a business trip

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While we might not have been seeing much of it in recent months (for obvious reasons), business travel is incredibly important for some global businesses to both domestically and internationally. But business trips can also be notoriously expensive.

A business trip is supposed to offset the costs of travel and general expense with new contacts, clients and wider business development. However, those expenses can build on one another until you’re left with a trip that’s literally more trouble than it’s worth. So how can you effectively maximize your ROI for a business trip?


Be prepared

Take all the necessary tools, materials and knowledge to execute your plan of action. Preparation also means knowing exactly what you’re going to say and to whom you’re going to say it. The worst outcome from a business trip is not achieving what you intended, and preparation is key to this achievement.

Preparation needs to happen before and during the trip. For example, on a business trip to New York, travel and accommodation arrangements should be made well in advance to ensure you are where you need to be at the correct time, especially in such a busy city. During the trip, benefit from your serviced apartment in New York to get the rest and work space you need. This will ensure that you turn up to every meeting well-equipped to generate healthy ROI for your company.


Schedule wisely

As we’ve already mentioned, all business trips need to optimize time spent and the best way to do this is to run a tight ship and stick to a rigid schedule, during business hours anyway. Utilizing time wisely is critical for every business to maximize ROI, but it should be done very carefully when travelling to achieve the most in the shortest amount of time.

Use spare time to start other projects or reinforce and build on work that’s already been done. You might also want to consider booking multiple appointments if you’re in a certain area. Always worth killing as many birds with that stone as possible, after all.


Keep an eye on costs

A business trip can be a nice break from routine, but it can be tempting to let yourself off the leash a little. A balance should be struck to give the business traveler an enjoyable trip whilst keeping the trip relatively cost effective to maximize ROI.

Setting certain food and travelling allowances can be a good way to allow for a fulfilling business trip, without risking a sizeable expenses bill.


Do more than just business

Giving employees a break from work can be a good way to boost performance and motivation when they do come back to the office. This is particularly true in such trying times. It doesn’t have to be expensive spa days and sessions on the golf course, but you know what they say about those who play hard? They work even harder.

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