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7 Ways to Grow Your Family Business in 2021

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Do you run a family-owned business?

Creating a family-run business is a meaningful way to support your loved ones and friends. If you have expertise in a skill or in making a product, you’ll ensure that this way of living goes forward through your business.  You’ll also leave a legacy for future generations. 

In this post, we’ll look at ways you can grow your family business in 2021. With the events of 2020 shaking up businesses and individuals alike, it’s critical for small businesses to evolve.

This post will look at how your family business can thrive by leveraging digital marketing strategies. Here are the top ways you can grow your family business. 

Build a Website

If you haven’t already, then the first thing you should do is create a website. If you don’t know how to code, don’t worry. 

You can build a website without any coding knowledge by using WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows anyone to create beautiful websites.

It’s highly intuitive to use, allows you to create pages, blog posts, an eCommerce store, and virtually any kind of site you can think of. Start building your website and while you do this, keep working on the other steps mentioned here. 

Add Your Business to Online Directories

Adding your business to business directories will make your business easy to find. Search engines like Google will use information from such listings to help users find stores and businesses nearby. 

Some examples of business directories include Yelp and Google My Business. Different industries have specialized or focused listings. For example, Tripadvisor is a popular site where people check out hotel and location reviews. 

It’s essential to create or ‘own’ your Google My Business profile for your family business. Because this is a Google product and your listing will be considered when people look for relevant products on businesses. 

Be Present on Social Media

Social media isn’t just to connect with friends and family. People rely on it to learn more about companies, engage with them, and find local businesses. 

Create a page or a profile on all the important social networks. 

Set up your Facebook business page. Create a profile for your business on Instagram and Twitter. And also be present on Pinterest, Snapchat, and other networks. 

It’s a good idea to ask the young people in your family to help you out. The younger generation knows the pulse of what is new and interesting on social media. And they can steer you in the right direction when it comes to building your online presence.

Optimize Your Listings and Social Media Profiles

What this means is that you should provide relevant information wherever your business is listed online. And you should create content for your social media profiles and pages that clearly state who you are and what you do.

Think about what your customers need and what they are trying to accomplish with your brand. What does your product do to help them accomplish their goals?

When you know what your audience is looking for, you will get ideas for keywords you can use in your social media profiles and listings. 

If you’ve filled in all the fields, like your store timings, description, pictures, etc., and added keywords, then you increase the chances that people will find your business.

Local searches have increased tremendously since the pandemic began. People are also keen to support small family businesses and use local services and products.

Focus on boosting local SEO by creating relevant content and establishing your presence online. 

Publish Social Media Content Consistently

If you want to get viewers and build your following on social media, it’s important to publish content daily. Accomplishing this consistency can be a challenging task.

But it is possible if you use a content calendar and plan what you will post in advance. This is a form of documentation that organizes your content and social media marketing. Studies on digital marketing show that businesses with documented content strategies greatly outperform businesses that don’t.

It is also helpful to invest in a social media management tool to schedule your posts to be published in the future.

Using a content calendar and a publishing tool allows you to post content regularly while freeing you up to engage with customers and address other problems. 

Use Opt-in Forms and Push Notifications

Many businesses don’t realize the importance of creating an opt-in popup form for their website. An opt-in pop-up allows you to capture a user’s email before they leave your site. Why do we do this? 

It is very likely that many people will arrive on your website and leave for some reason.

Maybe they are interested in your website but plan on coming back later. Or they got distracted and moved away from your site. 

Without a lead generation tool, up to 90% of people who leave your website will never return.  So, we can use two powerful marketing tools to engage people, bring them back, and create sales. 

One way is to create an option form. When users are about to leave your page or spend some time viewing your content, you can set up an opt-in popup to appear, asking them to sign up for your newsletter.

Another way is to create push notifications asking users to allow your website to send short messages relevant to them.

When your users opt into these communication forms, you will get more chances to connect and engage with them.

Through email newsletters and push notifications, you can remind your users about your brand. You can share marketing campaigns like flash sales, holiday discounts, and other compelling offers that induce people to buy from you.

Improve Customer Support

One major consideration for many customers is how good customer support is when buying from a business.

You need to listen to your customers and respond to them as soon as you can. Here’s are two easy ways to do that.

Respond to Customer Queries on Social Media

It is very common for people to ask quick questions through chat messenger on social media.  Your users may also leave posts on your Facebook business page or tweet you for help.

You can also create auto-response messages on Facebook or even use chat tools to send automated messages based on keywords people use. 

Some businesses have dedicated customer care or support profiles that are different from their official branded profiles. This is an option that you can explore to keep mainstream content separate from ones related to support. 

Add a Help Desk Solution

Depending on your business’s size and the number of customers you have, it’s worth investing in help desk software.

This type of solution automatically assigns tickets to your staff. If you choose the right platform, you can even answer support questions on your phone. 

With these tools and strategies, you’ll help customers when they need businesses to be more engaged. Your audience will notice your efforts, and you’ll see better reviews and positive outcomes for your business. 

Grow Your Family Business in 2021

It is critical to have a strong digital presence today because visits to physical locations are limited. 

The steps mentioned in this post will take time to carry out. But they are a must-have or a must-do for your family business to thrive. 

Focus on building your online presence and connecting with your audience at a deeper level. Higher sales, better customer rapport, and other positive results will soon follow. 

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