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Using Buyer Motivation for Business Growth

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It is essential to understand your buyer’s motivation, in order to build a well-flourished marketing strategy and make your store as effective as it can be. It is not at all restricted to business-to-customer, it is equally necessary for the business-to-business space as buyers are not as rational as we think.

The buyer’s motivation can be generated by the recognition of a buyer for a discrepancy

between an actual situation and the desired situation. The result of this discrepancy is the need to change. A need which is sometimes apparent and the remaining times become latent, it leads to the innovation in products. 

Knowing the motivation behind the buyer’s, the way in which they react with the e-commerce site. And at what position customers are, in terms of decision-making is very crucial for any seller. The following data show eye-popping statistics about today’s digital marketplace:

  • 50-90% of the buyer’s journey reaches to completion before the buyer reaches out of sales. 
  • Now 67% of the journey gets completed digitally. 
  • At the early stages of the journey, 25% of the buyers make their interests to the vendors. 

What Is the Buyer’s Motivation?

This motivation is a set of psychological factors in the head of the consumer that decides to make a particular purchase. The particular purchase is the last result of the process, known as the buyer’s journey. The process consists of three stages: 

  • Awareness 
  • Consideration 
  • Decision 


It is considered as a primary stage of the journey. It is a stage where the consumer gets aware of the want, need, and about the problem.

When your inbound marketing strategy is effective, then there are campaigns such as print advertising, pay-per-click, and search engine optimization which can bring your store to the top of the resultant page. And as a result, it leads buyers to reach your store. 


Once the buyer gets aware of the problem, they are then geared up to collect the information. This stage means that the buyers are trying to consider their options. 

Considerations include the customer’s research, comparison, and search for the knowledge related to the product or service. The consideration in buyer’s motivation became different now, as most of it is performed online. It means your business should make a recognized brand and provides the information for what your customers are searching for.  


This is the final decision of the process, where the buyer gets fully motivated to take the appropriate decision and gets satisfied by the fact that their needs and wants are met.

After the evaluation, the consumer develops an intention to either purchase or reject the product. The final decision to make the purchase will, however, depend on the positive intention that means the intention to buy. 

What Is the Buyer’s Journey?

The journey means complete research and the decision-making process from which a buyer went through before a purchase. It is not actually said that its a “purchasing” or a “buying process”. The journey of buyers also includes the manifestation, the problems that generate the need for the product or service. Moreover, these needs are based on the circumstances, that you can use.

Buyer’s Motivation Is Based on the Circumstances

A distinct situation leads your buyer’s motivation to purchase the product or service, but not the product’s attribute. When the consumer gets aware of the job -which is to be- then they take the decision to purchase the product that helps them to do the job easily. 

For customer retention, the solution is to be the most effective and convenient one. The major circumstances which lead the customer to buy the product are social, emotional, and functional dimensions.

These situations can be categorized followed by the marketing tactics which can target products based on specific circumstances. In B-2-B type of transactions, the motto to purchase is placed on the economic effect of either: 

  • Solve a problem
  • Doing nothing
  • Making the investment to explore an opportunity   

The motivation to buy the product can be either latent or transparent to everyone involved. The first step in the motivation process is the trigger to buy. 

Determination of Your Own Motivation as a Seller

Before we move on further on the consumer’s motivation to buy, it is important to know the level of self-examination and reflect that what are your own motivations are as a seller. 

“Beware of monotony, it’s the mother of all the deadly sins!”

Some of the automobile manufacturers like, Lamborghini or Aston Martin, have placed themselves in the high-end luxurious market. 

It is very necessary to know what you are, and where you are in the marketplace? There are many more things than just doing the handshake and walking away. For meeting the expectations, you have to first understand what is the seller’s motivation paramount, and then planning your selling tactics. Moreover, the most important thing among them is to effectively manage the time. It is the stepping stone towards a successful online business, that you should know your motivation before anything else.  

To Whom Do You Want To Sell?

Who do you want to sell or want your potential customers to be? You have to look at whether your customers are utilitarian, in a search of looking only features or functions to fulfill the task. There are customers who are looking for the extra desired task, which can make the experience even better. 

There are some customers even for whom you want to produce cost-effective products, for the ones who are budget conscious, or for the ones, for whom cost is not an object. 

Why Does Someone Buy Something?

There are two major motivating factors for doing anything in their life,

  1. get closer to pleasure 
  2. to escape the pain.

Let’s understand this in a better way –

Get Closer To Pleasure

When you get to connect with the individual and their emotional reasons for demanding what they desire, you carry an extreme power to give them what they want actually. As a result of this, they get pleasure in buying the product or service. 

Have you ever gone through a fast-food ad?

The food in the commercial industry looks nothing as compared to it does in real life. The burger is finger-licking, the tomatoes are pure red. It all looks appealing and even pleasurable.

Escape Pain

You can help them in escaping from the pain, by understanding the help they need from you. In this way, you can attempt to sell your consumers according to the prospect. Once you have done this, you can show, in what way your product or service can help them to decrease their sorrow.

It is most of the time proved that there are individuals with a strong desire to avoid pain. The pains can be the pain of not living up the potential, the pain of living paycheck to paycheck. When you know the pain points, it becomes easy to address them in your marketing. 

Types of Buyer’s Motivation

Sometimes there is one or more primary motivation for the buyers. In the whole selling process, the motivation of buyers plays a crucial role. Thus, the following are the types of motivation which are the key to fulfill the personal needs of the buyer and closing the sales. 


For many buyers, price is considered as an important element in the decision-making process. But for the rest ones, price is the key motivator. Thus you can face a tough sell ahead when it’s the same case as your buyer. Then you will be able to sell those products only which are cheap or less costly. 


In a big chunk of the consumer market, the effect of fashion can play a major role in driving sales. But it can be surprising to hear that, it is also a strong motivator in the case of some of the B2B sales.

Peace of Mind 

Some customers place peace of mind above anything else. They want to prevent the problems and are ready to pay more to have a hassle-free experience. In such cases, your aim in the sales process should be to prevent friction or inconvenience for your client. 


There are a few individuals who are proud to be different. They carry a totally different approach, do things in their own way and get delighted in being varied from the crowd. Even they want others also to know their singularity. 


Vanity is also considered as an important motivator. Sometimes we come across the people with an overwhelming need to get recognized and should be admired for a specific reason. We can say that just for their knowledge or skills in the field they are good at. You can put your strategy in these areas to make your admiration known, seek for their advice, and most importantly form any good idea which seems they are coming from them not you. 

Happy Marketing! 

Understanding the buyer’s motivation is becoming increasingly important, in the branding and marketing part and it is clear that what motivates your customers. You can develop a more successful marketing team, by researching deep the motivations of your customers with the innovative road map that leads to more likely to meet your potential consumer’s needs. Don’t let your consumer’s needs being a mystery only. It is one of the driving forces behind what your customers take the decision by the consumers to make the purchase from your online store. 

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