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Does Your Business Have Efficient Waste Disposal?

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Most businesses underestimate the importance of an efficient waste management strategy. The majority are content with the simple trash removal system. However, with the world’s trash pile estimated to grow by 70% by 2050, the way businesses manage wastes is undergoing increased scrutiny. Unlike before, where throw-away culture predominantly dominated, businesses should implement better systems with sustainable waste management practices. Adopting an efficient waste disposal system is beneficial not only to the environment but also to the business.

Developing an Efficient Waste Disposal Plan

Businesses can reduce waste management costs by adopting several measures, such as reducing waste production. Below are some strategies you can consider.

Conduct a Waste Audit

Conducting a waste audit is the first step towards achieving an efficient waste disposal strategy. Small businesses may undertake this activity in-house, but large companies should consider working with professional third-party auditors. A proper waste audit can help the business identify how to reduce waste production and better disposal practices.

Update Workplace Procedures

With a proper understanding of the nature of waste in your establishment, you can make eco-friendly changes to your workplace procedures. For instance, you can identify more areas of reducing or reusing waste materials. Review your daily operations in the office and waste materials produced in each operation. Some ways of reducing waste production include;

  • Minimizing printing – encourage your employees to print only when necessary. In the current digital age, sending emails is easy and convenient.
  • Encourage the use of silverware – a set of reusable silverware in your office break room can reduce the amount of plastic waste.
  • Reuse in-house paper – this can be done by printing in-house documents on both sides of the paper.

Reduce Packaging

If you run a restaurant business or distribute products to consumers, you might benefit from reducing unnecessary packaging. Begin by thoroughly reviewing your packaging procedures, ensuring that all components of your packaging are required. From this, you can eliminate the use of plastics and other materials, if possible. You can also replace your packaging materials with recyclable materials. Such materials can be cheaper and a good way of showing your clients commitment to environmental sustainability.

Personalize Waste Disposal Solutions

Even after reducing waste production and recycling, you will still have some waste to deal with. For this, work with responsible waste management facilities that can help with recycling and disposal. RUMPKE offers excellent commercial trash pickup services that will take care of all your wastes in an affordable and environmentally friendly way. They collect and process reusable and recyclable waste then dispose of whatever is left.

Benefits of Efficient Waste Management for Businesses

Improved Operational Efficiencies

In small businesses with tight budgets, proper waste management practices, such as recycling, are prudent financial saving measures. As more pallets, aluminum cans, glass, and papers end in recycling bins, your business will have less waste to dispose of. Most trash pickup service providers charge less when hauling recyclables compared to trash. Besides, you will require fewer pickups. Proper waste management eliminates overflowing trash containers and the health hazards posed by such containers.

Builds Your Company Reputation

Maintaining a good image is crucial for any business’s success. While a good PR attracts new clients, referrals, and customer loyalty, slight negative press can damage your reputation. The current client base is also very vigilant with every business’s waste practices. Bagging identification as a company with eco-friendly practices improves your reputation with clients and other complementing businesses. You might also increase your business, as some companies only allow partnerships and vendors with good environmental policies.

Employee Satisfaction

Businesses should note that employees, especially generation Z and millennials, are conscious about their environment and recycle their waste at home. Therefore, they cannot be comfortable working in an environment littered with paper and cans. While it might appear insignificant, adopting environmentally friendly workplace policies can improve employee morale and satisfaction. Your business also becomes attractive to job seekers.

Environmental Compliant

With the world’s waste disposal challenge becoming a growing concern, governments and local authorities have responded by providing environmentally friendly measures. A good example is a recent ban on plastic straws in U.S states. Currently, businesses should comply with local, national, and global regulations. Businesses that fail to comply with such measures risk fines or revocation of licenses.

Over time, these regulations will probably increase with the growing concern on waste management. Therefore, implementing an adaptive waste disposal plan enables businesses to meet the required targets and take advantage of grants and incentives provided to businesses that meet these frameworks.

Develop an Efficient Waste Disposal for Your Business

Dealing with waste disposal can be a challenge, especially for small businesses. However, this can be eased by adopting a proper waste disposal strategy. Implement various measures to reduce waste production, recycle what can be recycled, and work with professional waste removal service experts.

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