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Construction Organizational Chart – 7 Examples and Samples

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Every organization has a number of employees in it, be it a small one or a large conglomerate. The number of employees is divided into various departments and they are required to report to someone every day for instructions. It is always beneficial if such a hierarchy is put in black-and-white for the benefit of an understanding of the top management. This gives them a bird’s-eye view of the command-flow and helps make changes in case re-organization is required for any reason.

This also gives the employees a clear picture of the way the entire organization works and they can also plan a future path for themselves regarding career growth in the organization. This creates an atmosphere of transparency and also promotes a sense of bonding among them. In the construction industry as well, such an Organizational Chart is prepared for the above-mentioned benefits and it helps them execute their various projects efficiently. Below we are presenting 7+ Construction Organizational Chart Examples & Templates for your benefit in this regard:

1. Construction Organizational Chart Example

Construction Organizational Chart Example

This template is an example of a Physical Resources organizational chart that gives an overview of Design, Engineering and Construction Professionals of the project management firm. It is in the form of a simple flowchart that is minimalistic, hence, easy to understand. On top of the structure is the director of Design, Engineering, and Construction.

Below the director are different professionals responsible for facility renewal, project management, construction coordination, architectural design, mechanical design, and electrical designs. This chart clearly lays down the position of different management personnel in a structured form.

This enables everyone to know who they are required to report to. You can take the help of this structure sheet if you are planning a similar function based hierarchy in your company as this Flow Chart will help you understand what responsibilities and positions are required to be filled before the beginning of projects.

2. Design and Construction Organizational Chart

Design and Construction Organizational Chart

This design and construction organizational chart have been created by the Office of general services of New York. It is in a block format in which each block corresponds to a certain position. The blocks also present the name of the professional assigned for the position.

This helps in understanding which positions are still vacant that are yet to be filled. There are four departments that each has a head of the department assigned, under the executive director. The organizational chart helps in having a clear idea of the responsibilities of different employees.

3. Construction Organizational Chart in PDF

Facilities Management Construction Organizational Chart

Have you been searching for a construction organizational chart in PDF format? Then this Project Flow Chart is the best for you. It is a functional organizational chart that deals with facilities management. It presents the different ranks and positions of the employees given in a structure, viz.

Executive director, office manager, capital projects director, project support assistant director, campus renovations assistant director, regional projects assistant director, commissioner manager, etc. This hierarchy mapping design is useful in understanding the different linear chains of command in an organization which helps in the smooth flow of instruction and workload.

4. Construction Planning Organizational Chart

Construction Planning Organizational Chart

It is an example of a Construction & Facilities Planning Organizational Chart. It has the manager as the head and other professionals under the manager. It also states the vacant position which will enable the HR to know which positions to fill. The two filled positions are construction manager and accountant, both of which are important in the construction project. This is a simple organizational construction chart which will be beneficial for a similar structure implementation in any organization. For Quality Plan Examples visit the inserted link.

5. Sample Construction Organizational Chart

Sample Construction Organizational Chart 

Are you looking for Work Flow Chart Examples? This organizational hierarchy chart is a well defined command-flow layout which describes in a very simple format the various departments that are in place for the smooth functioning of the facilities that this company manages, including partaking construction activities as per need and request from the clients.

Such a clearly defined power chain is very impressive and makes for quick decision-making. This improves the overall efficiency of the organization and the goodwill as well in the eyes of the clients.

6. Simple Construction Organizational Chart

Simple Construction Organizational Chart

This is an organizational chart of a construction firm. It is a minimalistic structure and does not give out the complete employee strength in numbers at the grassroots level. This is how it generally is in a family-owned private firm, where the power is centered in the hands of the family members at the top. One feature, however, appears as the strength of the company, and that is the safety division put in place.

Being a construction company, they have put a lot of thought into the safety of the employees who will be working onsite for the various construction projects undertaken by them. They have created a separate division for it, and that would naturally include care for the temporary wage workers employed with the help of external contractors, in case a large project requires such outsourcing.

7. Construction Unit Organizational Chart

Construction Organizational Chart Template

This is a template of a small construction organization with a clear and well-defined power-flow structure. This will result in faster implementation of policy decisions and the exchange of ideas.

At times, such organizational structure graphs are put up on the notice-board of the company for the benefit of the junior level employees so that they know how the upper-management structure is designed and who they should approach in case of any issues.

8. Construction Organizational Chart in DOC


This template is the organizational chart for the Northern Railway Administration. It provides the names of the officers, their designation, their batch of joining the services (denoted by year) and their pay-grade as well. Such a well-defined structure is not found often and one can surely learn a lot by the way the government department works in an organized manner

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