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How to Become a Freelancer: A Practical Guide

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There is no better time for becoming a freelancer than today. Nowadays, the Internet has created numerous opportunities for professionals with different specialization to offer their services worldwide while earning decent salaries. And for those who have a knack for creating interesting and yet unique content, these opportunities are limitless.

What is a Freelance Writer?

In the Middles Ages, there were knights who served whoever paid them, rather than defending the only one king, and thus they became referred to as “free lanced” ones. Nowadays, those knights are dead and gone; however, there are other self-employed knights of the pen who call themselves as freelance writers. These people are not tied to any employer and thus submit their work to whoever pays them for it.

“What is freelance writing?” – you will ask. When it comes to freelance writing definition, everything is pretty clear. In plain English, it is a sort of written projects that writers regularly do for money while still not holding any position. In a literal sense, it is a way through which self-employed people make use of their research and writing work. If you view crafting papers for students as a good way to make for a living, then you have to work hard to develop specific skills.

What Skills Are Required and How to Develop Them

Since an increasing amount of talented people tend to leave their permanent jobs in order to learn how to freelance write and become engaged in crafting academic papers, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd. For you, to enter the workforce and always be in demand, we would recommend you to develop and continuously master a set of needed competencies. If you are only about starting your freelancing career, you have to be prepared to learn, learn and learn again! Take the below-mentioned pieces of advice to stay on track:

Read a lot and criticize everything you read

Having strong critical-thinking skills is a must for all striving to take many academic writing jobs. To develop and train ones, you should never lose your passion for reading. However, just reading is not enough. Train yourself to criticize every text your eyes meet, including its structure, style, and storyline. Avoid skimming. There is no way for you to think critically if you don’t get the main idea of the text. Analyze every word an author uses in his or her paper and determine its purpose and meaning. This is how you can not only make reading more fun and engaging but also develop the required skills.

Always review others’ papers

One of the main reasons why many writers end up with poor quality papers is that they neglect to proofread their pieces as is right and proper. That is why their works usually come with lots of grammatical, syntactical, and spelling slips. For this very reason, you should always strive to master your proofreading skills. A perfect way of doing so is by reviewing other authors’ pieces. You can even earn some money by doing this for cash. Once you proofread a few works, you will be able to detect common errors much easier.

Do significant research

“I want to be a writer on a self-employed basis,” – you may say. However, you should note that this work doesn’t only require you to have a knack for writing. There’s also a proofreading and editing stage of writing, that you’ve to learn how to do properly. Research skills are of great importance too. There is no way for you to generate an interesting and informative content that is also credible without conducting curious research on the core issue.

To collect the needed info, fall back on different research methods. With the lapse of time, you will come up with few strategies that work best for you and thus will be able to complete more orders in a shorter space of time. Don’t neglect to consult professionals to get a deeper insight into all possible ways of analyzing information. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect, the same is when it comes to conducting your research.

Formatting is essential

Unlike content writers, you are supposed to stick to a particular citation style. There are many formats to follow, including MLA, Harvard, and many more. Before submitting your work, make sure that the paper is formatted in accordance with the requirements of the assigned style. Learn peculiarities of the most commonly used formats as your customers may ask you to use any of them.

On the Net, there is much information about all citation styles; however, take note that following it online will take you considerable time. For this very reason, practicing every format when dealing with different sorts of papers will help you spend less time organizing your pieces later on. Sooner or later, you will see how easy it is to use all styles.

With these pieces of advice, you can learn how to be a freelance writer who is never out of work. As soon as you start enhancing your skills, you will note an improvement in the quality of your work. Such a tendency will greatly help you succeed professionally in this field and gain more orders from customers.


Just for the record, there are many freelancing jobs for beginners, but most of them will expect that you provide some samples or offer you to submit a test paper. Use the latter as a great chance to demonstrate your skills, as this is the only way you can get that specific order. As you grow your expertise, you get more orders and thus earn more money.

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