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The Cost of Replacing Exterior Doors

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Getting replacement of your exterior doors in your home is a recommendable home improvement project that every homeowner should consider. There are so many advantages that a homeowner enjoys by carrying home remodeling projects. The obvious benefit is improved curb appeal. Other benefits include enhanced energy efficiency and a more secure and comfortable home. All these ultimately shoot up the value of your home in case you are planning to put it in the market soon.

There are various aspects a homeowner ought to consider in order to maximize Return on Investment and cost-value. And remember that exterior doors don’t only include the front door, but also other doors such as backyard doors.

Materials and Costs

Wood could be the most expensive wood when doing replacements for your windows, but that is not the case when replacing your exterior doors. There are three primary materials that you can consider for your entry doors: wood, fiberglass, and steel. Vinyl, glass, and aluminum aren’t so popular options for entry doors. However, for storm doors, they are probable materials you may want to choose. The cost of installing one steel entry door ranges from $850-$1500. If you are considering wood, you will spend $1000 to $1600. And if you choose fiberglass, you will spend more money, usually ranging from $1500-$3600.

However, these are just average prices, and you are likely to see higher prices compared to these.

There is a possibility of breaking down your exterior doors cost though that will be determined by the project itself. For instance, when replacing entry doors in Toronto, the project will encompass the installation of the door, together with other components such as weather-strip, hinges, etc. All these components will add to the cost of the door. You will also be installing locks. If you are doing a DIY project, you will choose from various options. The cost usually ranges from $60 to $185 for standard locks. You may also want to consider code locks. If you choose electronic locks, you will spend $80-$275 on average. The highest price range would be from $150 to $450 that comes with the bolts, handles and perhaps enhanced technological components.

Sliding Entry Doors

If you have chosen to install sliding entry doors Toronto, you will pay more, especially on installation. This is because of its complicated procedure of installation that is also time-consuming. The installation crew will spend between four to eight hours to install one window. The cost of acquiring the windows themselves ranges from $750-$1600 and this cost can go higher based on the width of the window you want. The average cost of installing the windows will vary from $1350-$3000.

Storm Doors

These are the least expensive doors to install as well as to buy. A wood storm door will only leave you with a $700 less in your pocket, but in most cases, people choose vinyl or aluminium not just because they are cheaper but because they don’t need a lot of maintenance like wood does. On average, you will spend approximately $300 on a full installation of vinyl storm entry doors Toronto.

Basically, as long as the type of entry doors that you choose will serve you for a long time and help you save money on energy bills, the cost shouldn’t be of major concern.

Choosing a Professional

When hiring an expert to install the exterior doors and its components, you would be looking at such aspects as what they provide, but the standard price will encompass installing the locks or upgrading them. The cost of labour will be calculated based on the number of hours spent working on the doors.

You Can DIY Door Replacement

You don’t always have to hire someone to replace your entry doors Toronto; you can DIY and make your project less expensive. However, that will be determined by a myriad of factors such as the type of the door and type of window installation. Remember that if you opt for DIY, you might end up spending more than you expected. For instance, the work that will take you a whole week to complete will only take two hours for an experienced window installer to complete.


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