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Top Tips For Your Best Business Event Yet

Top Tips For Your Best EventImage Credit: DepositPhotos

Planning an event takes enormous preparation, from finding the right venue to promoting the event itself. But when the big day arrives, there’s still plenty to do.

These practical tips will help you have the best event yet.

1. Location and signage

You’ve found your perfect location, but imagine if this is your first time to the area, how easy is it to find? Think about where most of your clients are coming from; where will they need directions from to ensure they arrive in good time and without the added stress of getting lost?

When providing information about the location of the event, use  what3words to help guests find the exact location – available as both a desktop site and as a mobile app.

Once inside the venue is it clear what things are, and where? The usual suspects that need clear signposting are the toilets, food and beverage and help areas.

2. First aid

However many numbers of people your event is designed to attract, you are responsible for ensuring all health and safety measures are in place.

Find out if there any first aiders on the staff, or if one will need to be trained. Invest in someone who is a core member of the team for first aid training.

On the day, it’s vital that team members know who the dedicated first aider is, as well as where to find them. Ensure guests know where to go in case of an emergency too. This could be written in the event brochure if there is one, along with clear signage in the venue itself.

3. Catering

There’s nothing worse than an event that hasn’t catered properly for the number of guests. The general rule of thumb is providing one pound of food per adult and half-a-pound per child and remember to provide for a variety of dietary requirements.

Ensuring there’s a ready supply of hot water for the all-important tea and coffee shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s worth investing in a commercial water boiler to ensure you have instant hot water whenever you need it.

If your event is serving alcohol remember guests tend to drink more at night compared with daytime drinks.

4. Licenses

An important part of any event is ensuring you have all the relevant licenses. Failure to do so could result in a hefty fine and could even mean your event is closed down. Common licenses include:

  • Playing music
  • Providing food
  • Using public land
  • Selling or providing alcohol

Contact your council for a Temporary Event Notice.


Even after all the planning, preparation and perseverance, sometimes things can go wrong. If you haven’t got a Plan B in place, stay calm, and think logically. Is there anyone on the team that has the expertise to resolve it, or is it something completely out of your control? Sometimes, things just go wrong and it’s how you react that will dictate to the guests whether it’s a mediocre event or a marvelous one!

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