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T-Shirt Design Do’s and Don’ts That Will Save You Time

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A Piece of Artwork

T-shirts are basics that you can find in everyone’s wardrobe, perhaps, they are the foremost because of how incredibly multipurpose they are. It’s pretty simple, clean, and classic wear where you can also add elements to make it a little funkier. Possibilities of t-shirt design and styles are endless as they can function as a blank canvas for artwork where you can put your exceptionally creative self forward.

A Style That Won’t Wear Out

T-shirts are considered a looker by most people and everyone’s favorite graphic tees is one of the crucial factors that have contributed to the all-time rising popularity of t-shirts. Their easy availability and variety of colors and design make it even more popular and desirable.

They have evolved as one of the most common pieces of clothing that are extremely comfortable and can be worn by anyone be it men, women, or kids. With its ever-rising demand, the fashion industry also never took a step back in experimenting with fabrics and designs.

Why Are Graphic Tees So Well Liked?

The tees that come with funny images, witty or humorous text, or designs that include the characters from different movies or comics are widely popular among youngsters. Wearing a visually appealing t-shirt can be very effective when it comes to grabbing hold of the attention of other people.

T-shirts are no doubt one of the most popular garments ever created and can be seen wearing in different places like in colleges, during outings, casual meetings, gym, and the list goes on.

The type of dress you wear says a lot about you, thereupon, wearing a graphic tee is a great way to flaunt your personality. Wide range of variety, let’s say, from fabric, color to designs, there is an abundance of choices available in the market. The best thing is that you can also customize it the way it suits your personality and taste.

Is the T-Shirt Business Profitable?

Well, if you are thinking about starting a business, a t-shirt company is probably among one that might have crossed your mind even for once. After all, this is the one clothing piece that never goes out of style. Whether it’s a plain t-shirt, graphic tee, oversized t-shirt, cropped t-shirt, or body-hugging, they are always in fashion and are liked by everyone.

The trend of wearing personalized t-shirt designs has increased tremendously in the past few years.

And, if you still have a doubt, don’t ignore what the data says, according to a report the worldwide market for the custom t-shirts printing industry is expected to grow over 10 billion USD by 2025. So with this in mind, perhaps now is the time to venture into the industry. With the right printing equipment and supply, and some basic training, your innovative and quality products can be in the market in no time.

T-shirt design Dos and Don’ts that will save your time

Nowadays, where everyone owns a T-shirt, besides, there is a regular need for them so when done rightly, your t-shirt business can bring top benefits and opportunities to your brand.

So here is an easy guide to avoid the most common mistakes to achieve the grandeur that you are looking for. Let’s get started.

Dos and Don’ts


Perfect print placement is very crucial and a lot of designers fail when it comes to precisely placing the design on T-shirts. Here is an easy guide to making your work effortless.

Keep in mind while designing a t-shirt for a toddler always place your graphic design 2″ from the center collar. For teenagers it could vary from 2″ to 3″ from the center collar and that for adults, it would be 3.5″ to 4″ from the center collar.

There are numerous placement options like sleeves, full front, chest, locker patch, vertical and bottom with shirt types such as basic tees, pocket tees, polo shirts, and athletic shirts.


It’s very important to decide the size of the image based on the nature of the design and the properties of the cloth to be printed.

The shape of your design is an important factor in deciding how big or smal the image should look on the t-shirt. For instance, circular and square shapes mostly look better if they are sized smaller than the standard size.

It’s better to use a reduced size print of an image for the smaller items, such as for youngsters and ladies.

Sizing can make or break your game. So when in doubt, don’t stand back, ask your art department about what should be exact of your print.

Also, there are tons of good t-shirt design software like Designhill, where you can start from scratch and design and print your own best-in-class customized t-shirts.

Typography and Fonts

Arrangement of your fonts in a way that makes sense and looks attractive is very important to make your t-shirt stand-out.

Typography can change the whole design completely. Always make sure that your letter placing and line placing is appropriate. You can combine fonts together to make a good contrast but make sure not to use more than three different fonts in a single design. You definitely don’t want it to be too messy.


Make sure your design is well composed and not too spaced out, or too bunched up. Even if a single word is in the wrong place, the entire image could get off-balanced and your design would be ruined. So take your time, bring out new ideas, work with a variety of elements and put your effort to get the desired result.

Image Quality Color

Never use low resolution pictures, a poor-quality picture would ruin all your hard work. Double-check your image quality. An ideal image should be 200 dpi or higher at full size. Make sure all your photographs are scanned at a high resolution.

Color and Contrast

Now, when it comes to color, Indeed, choosing an appropriate color is the most important decision. You may take help from an online design studio for color matching or contrast. It may sound tempting to go all colorful, but, trust me it’s not always playful and lively. Using too many colors in a single picture may backfire and your design may look messy and ugly.

Now if you want to add variety to your design by adding contrast, then it’s a very tricky and important part to be careful about.

The highest contrast is not always the goal, you can also go for a subtle look with the help of low contrast print. But if careful on Navy blue on black, light grey on white, and combinations like that, these all are considered as low contrast but it could get tricky sometimes. So be aware of what your intentions are and how you exactly want your design to be.


Well, they say it right, sometimes “Less is more”, Being creative is good but don’t get carried away by piling up too many things at a time, it would create chaos. A human brain can only process some information and if you add too much, it would be hard for people to figure out what exactly you want to say, moreover, it won’t be a treat to the eyes. Don’t dump everything on a single shirt. Keep it simple, keep it, and keep it lively.

Quality of the Material

Well, It’s right to say that quality matters, believe me, it does. So if you are thinking of cutting back on the cloth material, I would rather say this is not a very wise thing to do. It would put you at risk of a compromised product quality which in turn leads you to lose your precious customer.

The first rule of any successful business is to build goodwill. You certainly want your name to be exposed in a positive way and providing a high-quality product is a way to do that. Words spread faster.


So go and be ahead of the game with these simple and easy-to-remember tips and tricks and shine out your way through it. Be inspired but don’t copy. Let your imagination fly.

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