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7 Baby-Steps To Take While Setting up Your Very First Digital Agency

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Running a start-up without a driving passion is never as it sounds. No matter where you are in the US — from California to New York — setting up your office is an elaborate process. Alright, the good part comes now, to make this process smoother, read through the steps below to do while you set up your new office:

1. Build a Website; Get a Professional Email; Put up the Name Board

While a well-built website with details is sure to lure the audience or customers to know about you as a business, an active website will help them stay engaged and connected with you. A website serves as a brand identity and becomes almost a must-have.

Getting a professional email will not only provide you with increased security but a wholesome personalized experience as well. It will be helpful while reaching out to customers, investors, or even employees.

Having a personalized and professional email will be taken more seriously than a cold-email that they receive from a free email service. It’s enough to remind them that you’re not just any digital marketing agency in San Francisco.

2. Check for Electricity, Water Supply & Cleaning Service

Securing an office space brings along the burden of owning and maintaining space. If the rate is affordable and under budget, the place might not be easily accessible from the city. But while you have found a place that works for both, don’t forget to check for electricity, water supply, and cleaning services.

Unavailability, irregular or temporary inactiveness of these services affect business practices. After all, no work gets done without electricity, and no one wants to work in a dirty environment.

3. Work Laptops

This is a small expense but a significant one. Don’t compromise on your employees using personal computers as their work laptops while working with big media clients. There could be a loss or breach of data, which one must avoid. Planning on getting laptops for each employee is always a good idea.

4. Comfortable Furniture

As one continues in an organization, they realize that long working hours can take a toll on their health. Minimal and useful furniture like enough table lamps, lockers, cushions, bean bags, and comfortable chairs all add to a workplace’s efficiency along with the employees’ comfort.

As a start-up, you don’t want any such old ‘health is wealth’ wisdom to hit you after facing any consequences. The trick is to be smart and invest in comfortable furniture beforehand, and your employees will thank you.

5. Stationery

Getting the right office supplies will tremendously help you and your team do the work smoothly. You wouldn’t like to run to the nearby stationery store every time or plan to use a pencil, pen or a stapler. Diaries, whiteboards, calendars, files, paper, photocopy machine, all these need to be readily available for your team in case they need to note down dates, projects, content buckets, marketing strategies, etc.,

6. Hire The Right Team

This is important. Hiring employees based on their credentials or just the talented ones is not enough. It would help if you had marketing employees who are generous with other people – to work as a team who can perform well under pressure or have an outstanding personality and attitude. The right marketing team will not only make a proper work environment but also be sincere and creative during pitches and campaigns.

7. Pizza Day Just Before the Weekend!

Free food is like a blessing. Not only do your employees leave home without concern about their lunch and dinner later, but eating together also creates excellent bonds with each other.

It also saves many of the employees’ time because otherwise, they would keep on deciding where they should go for lunch or what to cook for the day. If you cannot start paying for employee food already, the occasional free lunch gives excellent results. Plus, occasional pizza and pasta days will make them look forward to that next week of heavy campaigning too!


It’s just the beginning of your relentless dream of a startup that will earn you reward, profit and success. Investing in the necessities and adapting to a kind work-culture will take you a long way.

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