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Why AI Is the Perfect Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

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Finding the right area to start a business in is never easy. Entrepreneurs need to consider everything from their passions to industry trends and the future of the economy. There are some areas that are considered a safe bet whilst others are a little riskier in terms of investment.

In this article, we are going to look at the world of artificial intelligence and the opportunities that it brings. Keep reading if this is something that you are interested in.

It Has Already Come So Far

While some people might see artificial intelligence as an area that has already hit its peak, you should know that the progress made so far is just the building blocks in this industry. Yes, AI has come very far over the years, but this indicates that it is strong and something that you can put your trust in. We now use AI in many aspects of our lives and the tech that operates with the help of this technology is very advanced. Many people are probably completely unaware, for example, that restaurant AI applications are rapidly reshaping restaurant management.

Investors Are Keen to Engage

With AI being one of the most talked-about sectors in the technology industry, you’ll find that there are many investors out there who are interested in getting a slice of the action. This opens up a lot more opportunities for entrepreneurs who need the financial backing to get their artificial intelligence product off the ground. Successful entrepreneurs like Tej Kohli and big companies such as Salesforce and Baidu are leading the way in terms of investment in this technology.

The Statistics Are Positive

When looking at the opportunities that artificial intelligence affords entrepreneurs in 2020, you must also look at the statistics that support this kind of claim. According to reports by companies such as Forrester, you’ll find that around 25% of Fortune 500 companies are keen to add AI building blocks to their business. Interestingly, around 75% of enterprises are expected to embed intelligent automation in the coming year. 

It is predicted that by 2024, artificial intelligence will be an integral part of businesses around the world. If this isn’t something that excites entrepreneurs and sparks ideas, there is something clearly wrong. The statistics prove that there are many opportunities coming for those who are invested in artificial intelligence. 

Final Verdict

As you can see, there is a lot of potential for entrepreneurs who are hoping to build a business in the tech industry. While there are other profitable areas such as health-tech and VR to consider in 2020, AI seems to be taking the lead. 

For entrepreneurs, the statistics speak for themselves. Many companies around the world will be integrating artificial intelligence into their operations in the coming years – so why not get started on creating your own AI product today? It is expected that many of us will rely on AI in the coming years. 

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