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5 Reasons Employee Uniforms Are Relevant as Ever

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There’s no question that uniforms are essential for workers in certain industries—just try to imagine a UPS delivery person showing up at your door wearing street clothes. Or your mechanic without his signature jumpsuit.

While it’s true that we usually associate uniforms with certain jobs and industries, virtually any company can benefit from uniforms or branded business attire for their employees.

Yes, even at the office.

Uniforms Make an Impact

Research has shown that uniforms (and clothing in general) have a psychological impact on us. Uniforms help identify brands. They also signal competence and trustworthiness.

J.D. Power found that 74 percent of commercial buyers who took part in a survey said they would rather do business with an HVAC company that has its workers wear uniforms. Consumers felt the same way—72 percent said they’d prefer to use an appliance repair company that puts its employees in uniforms.¹

Think about your own attitude toward uniformed workers—odds are you might think twice about hiring a plumber who shows up at your house wearing a scroungy t-shirt and jeans or a salesperson who appears as if they just rolled out of bed for your video call.

While appearance isn’t everything—and we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover—there’s no denying that a good first impression can make or break a business deal.

Plus, uniforms don’t stop doing their job in those first few crucial seconds. They have become an indispensable identification and marketing tool. This is as true in 2020 as it was in 1950. Your business doesn’t have to be a household name to benefit from uniforms. Here are five ways uniforms or branded attire can help your business, whether you operate a manufacturing plant or you’re a technology service provider.

1: Uniforms Boost Brand Awareness

If you have employees who work out in the field—such as sales reps or repair specialists—uniforms or branded apparel is a must. This is especially true if you’re just getting your business off the ground. First impressions matter. Your logo on the lapel of a tidy uniform is more likely to stick in the minds of your customers, even if they’re not consciously aware of it.

Do your team members generally stay in the office? You can still seize opportunities for brand awareness when clients come in for a visit and during virtual meetings. Tradeshows and conferences are also great places for your team to show off your brand.

2: Uniforms and Branded Attire Help Customers Identify Employees

You’re in your favorite retail store and need help finding an item. What do you do? Look for a staff member wearing the brand’s signature red (or green, or navy blue) polo shirt, of course. This is the power of a uniform. Customers who can scan your store and quickly find a staff member have better experiences. And this helps you build trust.

3: Uniforms Promote Team Spirit

It sounds sappy, but employee uniforms create a sense of unity and team spirit. Workers who wear uniforms know they’re part of a team with a common mission. This can boost morale, which in turn can boost productivity. A uniform isn’t a magic bullet, of course. Having a great company culture is critical, and that comes from the top. But uniforms and branded gear can bolster an already-strong team.

4: Uniforms Protect Your Workers

Branded uniforms and work apparel can serve double duty to protect workers against hazards. Employees who work in hazardous industries like construction, welding, or oil and gas extraction need extra protection. High-visibility shirts and flame-resistant jackets are some examples of gear that can help protect your workers. Protective gear also signals to the public they’re entering a worksite with potentially hazardous conditions.

5: Uniforms Reduce the Hassle of Enforcing Dress Codes

No one wants the unpleasant job of patrolling the office to chastise dress code delinquents. Uniforms and branded apparel can help your management team avoid those awkward confrontations. And uniforms make life easier for workers, who know exactly what’s expected of them in terms of company attire.



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