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The Best Tools To Use For Employee Satisfaction

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It’s critically important for any company to attract top talent, but equally important to be able to retain them. Employee satisfaction can be a difficult thing to manage, as gaining the feedback you need to make necessary adjustments isn’t always straightforward without the right tools at your disposal.

What is the satisfaction level of your employees? What is your company culture from the perspective of your employees? These are the questions you need to ask to retain your most skilled and valuable employees, and not lose them to your competitors. The good news is that there are many tools available for you to gain the insight you need to offer employees the workplace atmosphere they want.
To that end, let’s look at some of the most popular and useful employee satisfaction tools and how they can help you get the feedback you need to meet employee expectations.


The name of this application stems from the idea that it provides a quick and simple way for managers to survey their employees. The employees take 15 minutes to fill them out and return the surveys, and then the manager takes five minutes to review them. It’s a pretty straightforward arrangement, but there’s more to the platform than that.

15Five provides a host of built-in survey questions to choose from, but managers can add their custom questions as well. Different reviewers can be defined for specific employees, and feedback can be forwarded to other stakeholders for whom the feedback would be useful. Survey groups can also be configured to support separate teams, and you can also set goals and accomplishments for team members.


Officevibe takes a bit of a different approach to the employee survey process. Instead of just sending out employee surveys on a regular schedule, it includes the ability to have a dialogue around the survey responses that are returned. This helps gauge employee satisfaction and also identify opportunities to improve your process.

Officevibe takes the results from these surveys and rolls them up into reports that can be used as reference materials to be shared with other company stakeholders. It also includes a polling option where you can solicit feedback from your team about their thoughts on projects, changes, and other work-related matters, and see how they progress over a defined period.

Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway is precisely what it sounds like: a platform designed to help you manage rewards given to employees for various reasons. It includes the obligatory survey functionality, of course, but Reward Gateway also contains tools designed to handle individual accomplishment recognition, gifts for employee recognition events, employee discounts, and more.

The survey component can measure employee engagement and allow you to set milestones that determine commensurate rewards. This will help you increase engagement over a more extended time, and will make you better able to read the signs of what drives that engagement.


Weekdone combines employee satisfaction with progress tracking, and all rolled up in one platform. This is done by having employees enter their weekly plans, as well as progress updates on project work, and problems they encounter with people, policy, and technology. This functionality allows progress to be tracked and gauge where employees may be having a difficult time.

Weekdone can expand its interface with additional questions and fields and has a robust reporting function that allows you to look at both individual employee and team progress. Weekdone can also integrate with many other Human Resources software platforms, so more data can be processed on both ends and aligned with company goals.


Let’s face it: some team members aren’t that great at keeping up with email and being responsive via that medium. That’s where Polly comes in because it makes it easier to get quick feedback in a group chat setting in Slack. Setting up a poll in Polly is super easy: all you need to do is go into Slack, enter the poll command, and you get a dedicated URL you can access to create a customized poll.

Polly offers additional paid features that enhance the base offerings of the main application. Some of these features include the ability to ask open-ended questions instead of a list of choices, turning off anonymous answers, or giving users the ability to select more than one option if they are undecided.


These are just a few of the excellent employee satisfaction tools you can use to measure employee engagement and adjust your process accordingly. Business requires a lot of applications to keep the machine running, such as a mass payment system for multiple industries. But these employee satisfaction applications will put you ahead of the curve for attracting and retaining top talent.


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