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12 Incredible Companies to Work For

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Employee happiness is an important trend in the business world to help keep up morale, but some firms take this much farther than others offering previously unheard of perks. Other businesses are starting to take notice of what the Google’s of the world are doing and enlisting their own perks from CRA tax audit firms to little mom and pop shops. All of the companies below are on the latest Forbes 100 list for top businesses to work for, although they are in no specific order.


1) Google

Okay, so obviously Google is going on this list and deserves to be front and center. This massive tech giant has grown to be known as the dream for an employee looking for a little more fun in their work day. Google offers gourmet food at no cost to their employees, laundry services, and haircuts. Another cool aspect of their business is the running of town hall-style meetings to hear all of the employee concerns.

2) Baird

Baird is an interesting case because they rose to fame in part for their “no assholes” policy that strives to make the work environment fun and friendly while keeping the jerks out. Baird is an employee-owned company as well, with two-thirds of the people working there owning some level of the investment firm. Baird wants everyone in the firm to feel like they are a part of it and an important contributor.

3) Genetech

Genetech is a massive biotech company that is known by the employees as being something you wouldn’t imagine a biotech company to be – very fun. One can imagine a biotech company to be all serious and no games, but they are known for their casualness in the workplace. They do stress the importance of their mission, however, and each employee knows their role in that mission and eagerly works towards it.

4) Acuity

Are you into rock climbing? If so, then Acuity may be the company for you. This Midwest insurance company installed a 45-foot climbing wall for employees to have a little fun on. They also built a 65-foot tall Ferris wheel to raise funds for charities. Perhaps the best perk of all is the jean-friendly policy that allows employees to be a bit more casual.


KPMG strives to make their employees better each and every day that they are in operation. This global firm does this by empowering the staff to continue their education. Each worker averages about fifty hours of training per year. KPMG also loves to assign mentors to their workers, having 14,700 mentors in total. This global firm promises to be a wonderful place for anyone to launch a career and to quickly grow as a professional.

6) Intuit

One of the trends growing in businesses is paying for employees gym memberships. Intuit takes this a step further by having on-site gyms that are open 24/7 to their employees. They also give their employees an additional $650 in fitness credit, have a system to provide almost 50 bikes for cycling commuters, and more. Not only is the fitness regime impressive, but even the CEO of this company takes customer complaint phone calls.

7) Capital One

Capital One, the credit card company known for their hilarious advertisements also strives to make the in-house work enjoyable too. The company claims to be on an innovative path to rid themselves (and their employees) of the stereotypical banker lifestyle. Overall with Capital One, the difference in thoughts and of the people are important to the core of this company.

8) Workday

Workday is a financial management and human resources technology company. Their goal is to provide easy management of staff. What separates this company from the others is their strive to achieve a civic duty within communities. Workday does this by encouraging their staff to volunteer at local events and for important causes. Every 25 hours that employee volunteers for a cause, the financial management and HR company will donate $500 in grants to that cause in the employee’s name.

9) Publix Super Markets

It’s incredible how many supermarkets and grocery stores are listed on the Forbes Top 100 list. Publix, in particular, is the United States largest employee-owned company. Ultimately they strive to create a family environment within their staff and to provide a retirement plan for their workers by providing stock ownership opportunities. This opportunity even extends to people who are working part-time as well. In addition to large holiday bonuses and a comfortable work environment, the company also provides work for the elderly as well – no matter their age, having plenty of workers who are on the verge of becoming centennials.

10) Hilton

Hilton, the luxury hotel chain, has hotels from around the world and a long-running tradition that’s almost 100 years old. Hilton strives to make communities better by paying for their employee’s to earn their GED’s if they have not done so already. In addition, they offer plenty of room for hard working employee’s to advance within the company, which makes the staff feel that the company believes in them.

11) REI

The outdoors and backpacking company REI is running as a co-op that strives to put their environment over profits. Not only that, but 70% of their profits end up back in the employee’s pockets and to the community in the form of donating to good causes. If you work at REI, you’re probably a gung-ho adventurist as well, which is ideal because you can snag some incredible gear discounts, which ultimately saves a lot of money. The company doesn’t believe in Black Friday and instead gives their employee’s a paid holiday. Employee’s also got two additional paid day’s of leave to go outside and enjoy nature. If you’re a really committed employee and hit 15-years seniority, then you’ll even get paid sabbaticals.

12) Nugget Market

I bet you didn’t imagine a place named Nugget Market to be one of the best places for an employee to work, but oh it is. This company is a family-run grocery chain that loves to give out hugs, high-fives, and smiles. They like to imagine themselves as the Disneyland of grocery stores. Everyone from full-time staff to the part-timers does not have to pay for health care premiums and is set up with a 401(k) matched at 4%.

Following companies employee policies is becoming a more common thing as everyone from mom and pop shops to massive start-up companies look to give their employee’s the best work conditions possible, no matter the industry.

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