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10 Pieces of Advice That Will Give Your Employees an Edge

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As an employer, your employees are looking up to you in several ways. There are several things you understand about the business which they don’t know. You should always create time to advise your employees based on the knowledge you have. Your advice would benefit the organization and give your employees an edge over others. Some of this advice is:

Be well groomed

Personal grooming is an important aspect of the business. Looking good makes you feel confident. It also helps to enhance your communication skills. An employee that is well groomed is a marketing and sales asset to the organization. For obvious reasons, potential clients would prefer to interact with a stylish staff. In most cases, the look of an employee is all that you need to close a deal.

For the men, personal grooming is all about keeping the face clean by grooming the beards, dressing well and smelling nice. For the women, your hairstyle should be attractive and the makeup must be near perfect.

Using the wrong skin care products can damage the skin of your employees especially the ladies. Though, it can awkward when you begin to advise your employees on this. The best ways to do this is by bringing health and skin experts who will advise your staff on how to properly care for their skin and their overall health.


Appearance is also an important aspect of grooming. Ensure that your employees learn how to dress well. This will give them an edge over competitors. If you look around, you would realize that all top firms often boast of stylish employees. This is not a coincidence. It is part of their business strategy.


Pay attention to details


Slight omission in a business deal can cost your organization a lot of money. But you can avoid this by advising your employees to always pay attention to details. For some of them, it is a natural skill. But you should organize training sessions to teach the majority this important skill.


Be loyal to the business


Every employee in your organization must believe in you. For them to believe in you, you must demonstrate true leadership by being committed to the business. This means that you must lead by example.   If they don’t have faith in the business model, it will be difficult for them to stay loyal. Employees’ loyalty would help your business to experience massive growth. Also, loyal employees will enjoy the faster promotion. Sometimes, they become valuable shareholders over a period of time. Let your employees know that loyalty to the business would help them more than it would do for the business.


Focus on the organization’s growth


This is another important advice for your employees. Everything they do for the business must be for the growth of the organization. Anything that wouldn’t improve your products or quality of service — or even translates to more sales –, is not important. You need to reiterate the need for everyone to follow through on a set course until you achieve your goals. Together you win, and together, you also lose. Therefore, you must move together as a team and not individually.


Explore your creativity


Your employees have the capability to be innovative. But they can’t come up with new ideas if they don’t explore their creativity. You should encourage your employees to be as creative as they can. Let them know that you would welcome creative ideas despite the norms in the company. Also, don’t neglect their creative innovations. Find a way to incorporate the excellent ideas in the company’s agenda.


Be a proactive employee


Most employers would rather work with proactive employees. Advise your staff on the importance of being proactive. Let them know that this outstanding skill would save the company a lot of money. Also, explain to them that a proactive employee would finish tasks faster than others. Staffs that are not proactive are those that need guidelines and supervision always. This is not a bad trait but it slows down business for the employer and cost more.


Learn to work with little or no supervision


This is important for all businesses. Most employees love to work with supervision to avoid making mistakes. This often results in a waste of time and resources. Working with supervision at all times would never give an employee an edge over others. Advise your staff to always attempt to work without supervision. Doing this draws customers to your business. It gives them the confidence that any of your staff can attend to them in an excellent way.


Be street smart


The tie and suit look good on most employees. But sometimes, that is not all you need to stand out in business. Your employees need to be street smart. They have to understand the target market and learn how to relate to them. All the efforts you put into marketing would fail if your target market can’t relate with you. So, advice your staff on your business niche and what the street expects from them.


Be confident


Clients can tell when your employees are not confident. Lack of self-confidence by your employees is not good for your business. It would make you lose clients and intern. Your company would lose revenue. This is a common occurrence in an organization which is usually hard to figure out. Advice and teach your employees on ways to build self-confidence. This would promote the company and make it took to stand out among competitors.


Aim to grow with the organization


Growing the organization is necessary. Most staff don’t know the difference between growing the organization and growing with it. It is possible for someone to grow an organization and not grow with it. Let your employees know that it is their personal growth that would keep them in the company. Encourage them to go for relevant professional courses in their field. Let them be a part of seminars that will teach them more about their job roles. Advise them to stay up to date on market trends in your business niche.

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