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Top 9 Online Quiz Maker Tools for Teachers in 2021

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It’s been almost a year since teachers and students worldwide started adapting to virtual classrooms. Apps for remote learning started popping up and made this challenging time a bit easier for educators and students.

If you’re still teaching remotely, it’s likely you use some online tools to monitor your students’ progress and help them learn effectively. But how do you assess their work? Online quiz maker solutions might be the best way to go.

Here are some of the top quiz builder tools that every teacher should have in their toolbox.

ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker is an online quiz creator for making quizzes, tests, and exams. You can build them in just five steps, thanks to its clean and user-friendly interface. What’s more, there are 100,000+ ready-made templates that you can edit in any way and 100+ themes for changing the layout. 

This quiz builder features 10+ question types with branching scenarios and allows adding multimedia to make quizzes interactive and engaging. There are 100+ smart configuration settings for improving your content’s security and preventing cheating on tests.

Grading is automated, and performance reports are delightful. You can see who took your tests and quizzes and when, how they scored, how much time it took them to answer every question, and where there may be knowledge gaps.


Interact may be a quiz builder for helping businesses generate leads, but you can use it to assess students as well. It has all the features you need in a quiz creator, including branching logic.

You can create scored quizzes, assessment quizzes with multiple-choice questions, customize the look, add image questions, show correct answers right away, and provide answer explanations.

There are 800+ pre-built templates, although most are designed for businesses. There are just several templates for the education industry, but the drag-and-drop builder enables you to build your quizzes from scratch quickly.

Advanced analytics and reports provide you with a clear view of your learners’ performance. They even offer an engagement score that can help you pinpoint any problems with your tests so that you can solve them effectively.


Outgrow is a user-friendly platform for making quizzes and assessments, among other features designed for businesses. Its quiz templates are great for making interactive quizzes, but its assessment builder is even better for teachers.

Its templates are professional, offer 10+ question types, different result screens based on scores, and useful analytics for generating performance reports.

Making assessments with this tool couldn’t be simpler, as you only need to copy and paste your questions. You can add videos, images, GIFs, captions, and recordings to boost engagement. You can even add different timers for each question, depending on their complexity.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is a WordPress plugin for making quizzes from scratch, but it doesn’t require any coding. It has templates that allow you to create quizzes with complex logic in a visual editor to see how everything will look like.

It may sound complicated now, especially if you haven’t made quizzes from scratch before, but it’s effortless. There’s a setup wizard that guides you all the way through and a troubleshooter that alerts you instantly if you’ve missed anything.

You can use some powerful analytics, and you can see all the scores and other performance results on a clean quiz dashboard. You can also create dynamic result pages based on answers and even direct learners to various URLs, such as your knowledge base or any other useful source for further learning.


LeadQuizzes may not need much introduction, as it’s one of the most popular online quiz maker tools. It’s designed for marketers, but teachers worldwide have also been using it effectively for years.

You don’t need to do anything from scratch like with Thrive, as this tool has a wide range of pre-built templates for educators.

You can make text-based and image-based questions, choose from various answer types, include logic branching, customize the design, and much more. You can also implement URL redirects at the end of your quizzes to address incorrect answers and help students improve their knowledge.

Just like all these other tools, this one has excellent reporting features. Apart from scores, completion rates, and answer summaries, it also analyzes individual answers to provide a better insight into your student’s knowledge.

WP Quiz Pro

WP Quiz Pro is another WordPress plugin for making quizzes. It’s fully responsive and has a very intuitive interface, so using it to create quizzes from the ground up is simple.

There’s a host of useful functionalities for making your quizzes interactive and exciting. For instance, there are many animation effects for boosting engagement.

The plugin has image and video support for both questions and answers and records quiz completion time. It lets you randomize questions and answers, offer hints, include answer explanations, and redirect users to various sources depending on the results.

You can also set a different timer on each question or show a countdown on the entire quiz.


Qzzr is yet another online quiz maker that’s mainly for businesses, but its features work well for teachers, too. They include all the basic stuff you need to create quizzes for assessing your learners.

The interface is clean and enables various customizations. You can change the look and feel of your content to make it more engaging for your students.

Apart from images and videos, you can add animated GIFs to questions and answers. You can quickly grade your learners, track and export their responses to other tools, and analyze all the answers individually.

This tool doesn’t have too many features for educators, but they’re more than enough to assess your students. It’s a great tool if you’re looking for something simple yet effective.


Riddle is an excellent quiz creator that differs from others in one important feature, which is a CSS editor.

If you don’t know how to code and work with CSS, then ignore this information. But if you do, you’ll absolutely love Riddle, as you can style all its templates and the quizzes you create the way you want.

But you don’t need to use its CSS editor if you don’t want to. You can leverage its other features to create quizzes easily. You can add images, videos, audio files, and GIFs to all your questions, answers, and results. You can customize every element, enjoy its user-friendly dashboard with in-depth analytics, and generate one-click performance results.


QuizMaker is a feature-rich tool for teachers that lets you build a quiz in minutes. It’s great for identifying knowledge gaps and helping students improve knowledge retention.

It grades students automatically, provides certificates, offers quiz-response notifications, and gamification with leaderboards and timers. It even enables sharing and collaboration with your colleagues.

It comes with customizable themes, but you can also upload your own. You can include a progress bar, randomize questions and answers, add comments and URL redirects, and more.

Make the Right Choice

All of these quiz makers offer a free trial, while many even have a free plan, albeit with limited functionalities. We highly recommend you try each for free to get a feel of full-featured quizzes before choosing the right fit for your needs.

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