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Expedite Onboarding and Education With Enterprise Learning Management Software

Expedite Onboarding and Education With Enterprise Learning Management SoftwareImage Credit: 08

If you work in human resources, you’re constantly researching what will make employee learning more efficient. Effective learning is important both for new hires and seasoned employees. New hires need to understand how to perform everyday tasks efficiently and skillfully while also picking up on new skills along the way. Similarly, seasoned employees should ideally always be learning and growing in their positions, even if they are already exceptional at their jobs.

To facilitate clear, engaging training for both parties, you likely do not want to conduct lecture-style lessons that only eat into your time and leave your employees questioning their value. Learning management software (LMS) helps streamline the onboarding and ongoing training processes. You might already be familiar with learning management systems. This article describes enterprise learning management (ELM) software and how it facilitates onboarding and education.


What Is Enterprise Learning Management Software?

Enterprise learning management software is an application that provides training, tracks and reports on performance, and manages employee learning in an organization. Each employee takes online courses and manages records on their individualized learning plans. The system saves training history to an employee’s account and tracks completed courses. That way, employees can always save their progress and pick up where they left off later.

Enterprise learning management software has a user-friendly interface with features and tools commonly found in web browsers and social media. It helps employees learn at their own pace while also allowing managers to appraise course completion and employee performance.


Expedite Onboarding and Education With Enterprise Learning Management Software



What Does Enterprise Learning Management Software Have to Offer?

Enterprise learning management software has many notable benefits. Beyond streamlining the learning process and giving all employees the opportunity to learn at their own pace, ELM also offers the following perks:


Mobile Learning

Keeping track of an entire company’s professional development needs is a challenge. Enterprise learning management software offers mobile learning. That means employees can get their training wherever they are precisely when they need it. It organizes the learning needs of all of your employees.

In other words, employees do not have to be on-site to have access to their lessons. If they are working remotely, they can make notable progress when they are able. This is especially useful for employees who have multiple responsibilities across several different departments, who are always on the go or who have to attend to major projects before they can dedicate any time to training.


On-the-Job Skills

Enterprise learning management software provides real-world training. Employees can learn skills that they can apply immediately to their current jobs. They do not have to worry about sitting through hours and hours of lessons on theory and history that may be interesting but do not in any way improve performance at work. Additionally, employers can make ELM software even more valuable by offering seamless assessments with each lesson. That way, employees can apply their knowledge in the process.

Bottom line: Enterprise learning management software is all about practicality.


Consistency in Company Identity

Enterprise learning management software is versatile in that it allows you to design courses that are consistent with your brand’s values and mission. New hires are likely to get the best feel for what working at your company will be like during their onboarding period. You can leave a good impression from the start by providing lessons that are consistent with your brand’s image.


Build, Store and Centralize Training Materials

Learning management software is a great way to organize and save your training materials. Gone are the days of having to keep written tests and assessments organized in crowded desks. You can simply log in to the system, upload new tasks or modify old ones and continuously add to lessons without ever having to start from scratch.

This centralization of information does not just benefit you but your employees as well. Your employees will know exactly where to go to access the training they need without wasting their valuable time looking for materials that are hard to find.


Employee Learning Plans That Are Tailored to Employees’ Specific Needs

With enterprise learning management software, all employees receive an individualized program that caters to their specific training and professional development needs. The employee completes exercises directly related to their role. For example, an IT professional will not benefit from taking the same courses and completing the same lessons as a marketing manager. ELMS allows employees to see their lessons and assessments alone without having to scroll with countless irrelevant tasks.

Of course, that is not to say that employees can’t take on additional lessons if they would benefit from them. They can take courses and track progress directly from their learning plan and browse professional development courses to enrich their skills.



Enterprise learning management software will grow as your business grows, adjusting to meet your needs as required. For example, a small start-up probably does not have the same training and onboarding needs as a larger, multi-location corporation. Most software is designed with this in mind and can be adjusted to meet your company’s specific training needs.


Invest and Save Time and Money

Training and onboarding new employees can be an expensive process, especially when you consider that every new employee is essentially an investment. It only makes sense to set them up for success. Enterprise learning management software allows you to do just this by standardizing training across multiple departments. You also do not have to hire anyone else to oversee this training or take another employee away from their work to assist a new hire. The software manages all of these concerns.

Final Thoughts

Enterprise learning management software is the ultimate program for enhancing and streamlining employee training and performance. Your employees are sure to benefit from individualized learning plans that will help them excel in their areas of expertise. Organize and optimize training and employee performance profiles with enterprise learning management.


Invest in the right enterprise learning management software for your company today!


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