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12 Things You Can Do with Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis

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With an increasing demand for behavior analysts, people who study for the course have a chance to take up more jobs in society. 

If you are looking into behavioral analysis careers before you take the step, here are some of the jobs you might land.

  • A Counselor

For most behavior analysts with masters, the path they take is to become counselors. Counselors play a major role in different societal settings. 

In the job pool, many job requirements looking for counselors seek those who have studied behavior analysts. These counselors work in areas such as hospitals, shelters, clinics, and even residential areas. 

They help individuals with behavioral issues, addicts, disabled people, and even those with mental issues. They hold the hands of these individuals through their murky times and get them to the other side.

  • Doing Social Work

With a solid background in behavior analytics, individuals with a master’s in this field are well equipped to work with social workers to offer professional services to clients.

Sometimes, social workers are under-equipped to handle people with developmental disorders or those on the autism scale. With a registered behavior analyst as part of the team, social work is able to deliver better services, and better results can be noticed.

  • An Assistant to a Psychologist

Psychologists are an important aspect of mental health for society, and a certified behavior analyst can get a good job as a psychology assistant. 

While they cannot legally practice as psychologists unless trained, their job can include working with psychologists in research, counseling patients, and other clinical errands in the office or clinic. 

In order to do this job, they need a go-ahead from the American Board of Professional Psychology through a certificate.

  • Being a Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Behavior Analysts can get the Board Certification to become independent analysts. As a BCBA, an analyst can be in a position to supervise other behavior analysts. 

They are also in charge of going through the behavior maps created by other analysts and working on the plans together to curate the best path for the clients. 

One thing you might want to know is that even though the analysts who are board-certified have the option to work anywhere, most of them choose to work with clients on the autism scale.

  • Assisting in a Special Needs School

Special education is for kids who cannot get the normal education that other kids get in regular schools. Registered behavior analysts can work as assistants in these special education schools. Recruitment sites specially request analysts who are skilled in handling people on the autism scale. 

As a teacher’s assistant, the behavior analyst is expected to work with parents to find ways to help their children. If they train to become teachers, they can teach in public, private, and residential schools for kids with special needs.

Being a behavior analyst can be a life-changing career as individuals with the right qualifications can get to work in many areas to save and help many children and adults alike. For more information on the above, you can check sites like

  • Occupational Therapy Assistant

Most of us are skilled at doing basic daily activities, and that’s why we don’t think about them so much. But the fact is that many people around the world don’t have these skills which can limit their life as an individual. With the ABA degree along with the other degrees and certifications, you can work as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. 

You need an associate degree first in Occupational Therapy. After that, you also have to pass the Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant exam. Depending on the state laws, you also have to get the OTA license too. You might be wondering, where does the ABA degree fit you? 

The best thing about having your ABA degree along with the degrees mentioned above is that you can provide outstanding support to your client. Understanding the behavior of your clients and having a passion for providing support can help you become a better Therapy Assistant than other assistants in the world. 

  • Work With NGOs

The good thing about NGOs is that they can touch on different areas that governments don’t consider important – the main reason why NGOs perform better than governments in some areas. 

But this staller success of NGOs doesn’t mean that they don’t need any help. Many new and struggling not-for-profit organizations and NGOs want people who can enable them to perform better in certain ideas. 

With a Masters’ degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, you can identify the areas where you can help an NGO accelerate its success. You can find out the reasons why people do drugs or suffer from other problems they do and find out ways to alleviate their problems. 

The most amazing thing about working in NGOs is that you don’t have to show any specific degrees or certifications either. As an expert in finding behavioral patterns, your job in an NGO will be to improve their approaches and strategies. 

  • Financial Counseling

One of the main reasons why most people are unsatisfied with their lives is underlying financial problems. Gone are the days when we used to live in small villages where almost everyone was the same. Now, in this fast-paced world, we have to earn better to support our newly-adopted lifestyle. 

Most people give up on their lives and stop thinking about improvement as there seems no way out of these financial troubles. Well, the good news is that with your Masters’s in ABA, you can bring behavioral changes in how people handle their finances. 

Financial Counseling revolves around improving people’s lives by enabling them to make better financial decisions in life. You get to work with people closely and have the opportunity to understand their problems and devise solutions to the challenges they have. Teaching people about self-determination can lift their spirits and help them succeed in life. 

  • Life Coach 

There are so many challenges that people face nowadays; one of them is making the right life choices. Gone are the days when you didn’t have to give much of a thought about life choices. People usually adopted the professions of their family and didn’t care much about opting for something different. But now, to achieve something meaningful in life, you have to figure out unique choices. 

This is where a life coach comes in! Life coaches help people find out what they can do with their lives and the potential they have. With your ABA degree, you know how people behave in different conditions. You also understand what things motivate people and what stops them from reaching their goals. 

You will get to work with people who either know about their personal problems or have struggled to find out what’s wrong with their lives. Then, you will plan routines for them and help them work on their strategies. Your end goal will be ensuring that your clients achieve the best in their lives. 

  • Animal Behavior Consultant

Having pets is an important thing in our lives. Our pets help us understand how we should behave with others and how we should take care of people around us. Most people think about pets that they can sort out their problems themselves, and all they need is proper food and sleep throughout the day. But the opposite of it is true. 

Pets also have problems with making their behavior appropriate sometimes. They need proper guidance to find out how they should behave in front of humans and with other animals. Your ABA degree can help you land a position in a vet clinic, where your job will be taking care of different animals. 

Working with animals to improve their behavior is a challenging job, but it also helps you learn new things simultaneously. You will understand why animals need proper attention from humans and why you should work for their proper grooming. 

  • Clinical Research

The good thing about working in the ABA field is that you understand how there’s so much hidden about Behavioral analysis. But what if you are mad about it and want to unearth something important in the field? If the answer is “Yes,” then the option for you is working in the clinical research field. 

You will have to work with other researchers to find out new things in the field of Behavioral Analysis. Researchers both from academia and industry will help you conduct research that can accelerate the progress in the industry. 

  • Organizational Behavior Management

Creating an organization doesn’t mean that it will prosper automatically. Every CEO has to ensure that people in their company are considerate and spend their time in the office the right way. You can work as an Organizational Behavior Management expert to eradicate problems in the workspace.

You can help the organization you work in to improve their supply chain management, helping your company save billions of dollars over the years. Holding regular meetings with the employees can also allow your company to find better ways of organizing people in the long run.

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