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The Top 15+ MailChimp Alternatives for Small Business

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If we think of all the ease that technology has brought in our lives, we will notice that EVERY SINGLE TASK is a piece of cake. If you want to switch on the lights, order your smart speakers. If you do not want to miss out on an important match, download the Roku app and enjoy on-the-go. And if you run out of anything at home, order online and groceries will arrive at your doorstep. Similarly, if you want to market your business, you can choose from a list of applications to make email marketing easy for you.

Top 15+ MailChimp Alternatives

Constant Contact

Constant Contact ranks as the number one alternative to MailChimp. And rightfully so. This platform offers a very easy to use interface that makes it a hot favorite amongst marketers. It is best suited for both big and small businesses. It also happens to be one of the most affordable alternatives to MailChimp. Some of the top features that it offers include a built-in heatmap tool, campaign activity reports, and customizable email templates. Hence, making it easy for you to market your brand or product.


If you are in search of an email marketing tool that is cheap, opt for SendinBlue. You can be a free user as well if you opt for this platform. However, free users can only send up to 300 emails a day. But they get access to an unlimited number of contacts. It is best suited for individuals who are about to roll out their initial marketing campaigns.


This is perhaps the closest alternative to MailChimp when it comes to the tools. However, it is designed for eCommerce. This platform will offer you the perfect mix between email marketing and lead generation. Apart from that, opting for Drip will give you access to innovative mailing tools. These include campaign reports and automation workflows.


You can use this platform for campaigns that involve brand awareness, content marketing, and customer engagement. Some of the prominent features that it offers include an array of mobile responsive designs, campaign reporting for data-driven approach and WordPress plugin. It is an excellent tool for all eCommerce businesses. You can also use it for lead generation.

Campaign Monitor

This platform’s rather powerful marketing tools give you full charge over your marketing campaign. If you opt for Campaign Monitor, you will be able to track the activities of your subscribers, collect customer data and build campaigns that reflect your subscribers’ interests.


This is another alternative to MailChimp that a small business owner should consider. It is popular for the various user-friendly features that it offers. It allows marketers to create five split tests. Other platforms only offer two or less. It also allows you to design marketing tracks for your webinars.

Spark post

It has one of the most advanced API that can help you to get the highest delivery rates when it comes to email marketing.

Active Campaign

This platform provides you with the A/B testing of emails. Apart from that, it will also aid you in setting up the lead scoring rules. You can also use it to design automation campaigns. It is best suited for B2B organizations.


Not only does this platform help the big businesses but also the small enterprises. Some of the features that make it a favorite among businesses are the wide variety of HTML templates offer and spam checking. Apart from that, it also allows social media integration.

HubSpot Marketing

Not only is it a platform that will allow you to send emails but it also features videos to help you with inbound marketing. Apart from that, this platform offers a user-friendly interface and has exceptional tracking capabilities. Hence, making it a preferable choice among many companies.


Designed to cater to small businesses, this platform offers an immense amount of features to the users. These include the customizable shopping cart and the ability to embed the form on your website. The campaign builder that Infusionsoft offer is also flexible. This allows you to design campaigns according to the behavior pattern of the visitors on your website.


These platforms guarantee that users who will choose it over others will definitely see a 50% increase in their opens. In fact, users of Robly already agree that the platform increased their click-through as well as subscription rates. Seems that the app knows how to keep up with its promises.


Not only small businesses but bloggers, artists, and authors use this platform as well. Individuals or companies prefer this platform because of the easy-to-use features. It also offers 24/7 customer support. Some of the important features that it offers include embedded surveys and automation.


A rather new entrant in the market, SendPulse combines both complexity and simplicity to bring to you a unique platform. It offers you features that include bulk email and bulk SMS messages.


Omniscient will help you to replace all the small apps that you are using with one. Some of the key features that it offers include marketing automation workflows, lead forms, landing pages and a segmentation based on visitors. It also gives you access to the SMS marketing feature.


This platform is not only used by business owners but bloggers as well. In fact, it is more suited for bloggers. Some of the key features include landing page creation and campaign reporting.

Hope this list helps you find the best alternative that best suit your business model. Apart from this, you should also opt for Internet service that has your back when it is down, like Spectrum internet support. Because you cannot market yourself via emails without having a consistent, and fast Internet. They both go hand in hand.

Happy marketing!

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