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11 Reasons Why Your Business Definitely Needs a Website

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Perhaps you’re a dinosaur when it comes to technology. Or maybe you’re a little tight on cash now. Or you’re just swamped with client work.

Regardless, your business doesn’t have a website.

You’re missing out on a lot and making a big mistake. In the modern age, an online presence is crucial. Not only is there an abundance of benefits, but a lack of one is a mark against you. This goes for not only local small businesses but contractors and consultants as well.

Unconvinced? Here are some points to consider.

An Online Presence Does Not Need to Cost Much

You don’t need to hire a triple-A web design studio. If you’re on a budget, you can use a service like SquareSpace or Wix. Doing-it-yourself with their drag-and-drop website builders will not win awards but will get the job done. And they’re powerful enough to suit all your needs.

And remember: compared to other forms of advertising, a website is downright cheap! A site is a bargain for the amount of value it gives.

It Does Not Require Technological Expertise

Some people are big about DIY. They love getting in the nitty-gritty, learning HTML and design theory. Building their website will just come naturally for them.

Most people aren’t like them.

Don’t worry if you’re not a tech whiz, a website can be very easily created with WordPress in a couple of clicks. There are thousands of free themes available and you don’t need to be good at computers to put up a high-quality website. Plugins will help you set up analytics, optimize the site for search engines and the like with just a couple of clicks. A few weekends in and you’ll have a site with all the bells and whistles.

Additionally, there are services like Wix and Square space that can help in this regard.

On the other hand, if you have the funds, consider hiring a professional to do it. Their experience will ensure a quality design.

Or if you’re willing to take a risk, consider hiring a college student. It’ll be a win-win situation. You get a quality website at an affordable cost and they get the learning experience and something to put in their portfolio.

It’s a Valid Business Expense for a Tax Write Off

There’s no question a website is a legitimate expense. You can claim it on your annual return and reduce the taxes you need to pay. This makes it even more affordable.

Consumers Expect an Online Presence

Decades ago, the web was the wild wild west. Only the cowboy entrepreneurs had websites.

The landscape has since changed. Everyone (including all your competitors) have one. Consumers have come to expect convenience.

So what does it say about you that you don’t have one? It’ll be bad for your “brand”. You’ll certainly come across as less professional, which is very important in most industries.

Free search engine traffic

Once you’ve optimized for search engines, if you get a good ranking, you’ll start getting free traffic from Bing, Google, and other search engines. This is a huge benefit, as it usually costs money to find new customers.

Delivers 24/7/365

Even if you’re a workaholic freelancer, you still need to sleep. Your retail storefront eventually closes for the day. But a website never does; it’s always there and available to serve information.

Use Content Marketing

You can use your website as a resource on why your product is amazing. Pre-sales will prime your customer until you close the deal. You can put testimonials on the website as well to serve as social proof.

It’s Hard to Stand out in the Crowded Social Media Field

While the potential is there, social media is challenging for many businesses. Celebrities have millions of followers and there is a tremendous amount of noise.

Additionally, you aren’t in charge of the narrative. If a disgruntled customer posts a scathing comment, you can’t do anything. With a website, you have complete control of what is displayed

Save Time With Common Questions

New customers often have the same basic elementary questions. Instead of having to answer them repeatedly, the answer can just be on your website.

Take Advantage of Online Advertising

This is not just Google, but Facebook, Twitter, Outbrain, the list is endless. Online advertising is powerful, You can “retarget” potential clients that left your website so that you can pitch them again. Internet advertising is the future and it’s important to be able to utilize online marketing campaigns.


A web site is social proof. If it has a modern design, it shows that you have enough determination and business sense to get one up and running.
Today, consumers want information immediately and a website is a necessity. That’s fortunate as websites are quite cheap and easy to set up. They help Davids beat Goliaths; get your slingshot today.

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