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 7 Secrets of Being a  Successful Marketer

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          Marketing is the heart of every business organization from small-scale enterprises to large scale and multinational enterprises.

   The importance of marketing in every business organization cannot be overemphasized as it is through marketing, information about the product and services they render is made known to the public. The leads to wider publicity for the organization which gives it a chance to be discovered by potential customers


      Good marketing helps to boosts the sales of every business organization and build the reputation of every business organization as more people get informed about the business.


          Marketing, therefore, can be seen as the process of creating relationships and satisfying customers, it’s the process of getting your customers interested in your company’s product and services. This is done through market research and a solid understanding of your customers want and needs. Marketing cuts across all businesses and is needed in every business and industry ranging from the banking sector to the agricultural sector, and also from the primary to the tertiary sector.


         The importance of marketing has brought about an increase in the need for good marketers everywhere and in every industry. Marketers are crucial for fine-tuning how a business sells a product to customers to optimize success.


        Marketers are important in ensuring the maximum sales of a product or commodity and marketers go on a long way in influencing what a customer thinks about a particular product. The ability of a product to sell depends on the ability of a marketer, the better the marketers the more the likelihood of the product being sold.

        To be a good marketer and to be able to sell your product successfully, 7 secrets needs to be known. They are

1 Know your product


      This is arguably the most important trait and attribute of a good marketer. Every successful marketer has in-depth knowledge about the product or services they are offering to sell. Knowing one’s product helps the marketer to answer some relevant questions that the customer might want to ask.


      And also knowing one’s product will also help the marketer look knowledgeable about the product, which in turn to builds a level of trust from the consumer to the marketer,  as people will rather spend their money on things and people that can be trusted. As long as the customers can see that the marketer is well knowledgeable about the product/service being introduced, it builds a level of trust in the marketer which increase the likelihood of the potential customer subscribing to the product or service. Having clear details about your product is the first secret of being a successful marketer.


2 Understand your Audience


       To be able to sell your idea to your customers, you have to know your customers. Every customer wants to be known and understood. Every successful marketer knows and understands their audience, knowing your customers will help you to understand the way they think, and knowing the way they think will also help you as a marketer to convince the audience to subscribe to a product or service in relation to what they want.


    In simplified terms, knowing your audience will help you to know how they think which gives you a better opportunity to convince them to buy your product by explaining how the product will benefit them in relation to how they think.


3 Storytelling


            While only five percent of your audience will be able to remember the facts and data. At least sixty-five percent of customers can remember stories that are being told by their marketer. Stories are most meaningful when they are memorable, Cathy and personal. Creativity and the ability to tell a good story about your product and how it will benefit them is one of the secrets of a good marketer.


        A good story aids retention and arouses interest for the product or service among your target audience. Storytelling aids effective communication to your target audience which increases the chances of convincing them. The ability to tell a good story is an important secret of being a good marketer.


4 Build relationships


            This is one of the major secrets of a successful marketer. Most successful marketers build a good relationship with their audience and client before and after selling them a product.

              Building a good relationship helps to ensure continued patronage by the clients and also increase the chances of subsequently selling a new product to the clients. The building of relationship is very important as it also helps, in following up with clients and it also helps the marketer to know what the clients are thinking about the product. Building up a relationship with a client is also one of the secrets of being a successful marketer.


5 Innovation


Successful marketers aren’t afraid to try out new ideas and methods. Innovation is the act of trying something new. Innovation is one of the leading phenomena in the business world which puts people ahead and set them apart in the business world. To be a successful marketer, you have to find out new ways to sell your ideas to your target audience.


   Successful marketer finds new methods and techniques to sell their ideas, product or services to their audience which sets them apart from other marketers.


6 Motivations


As a marketer, being motivated and having the drive to keep going, despite being rejected is what will eventually make you successful. Most successful marketers were repeatedly rejected while they were trying to sell an idea, commodity or service. It was motivation and drive that kept them moving.


       Staying motivated and having the drive or passion is a secret to becoming a successful marketer in any organization.

7 Go digital


      The efficient use of technology and the internet is one of the secrets of a successful marketer. You have to be able to use the internet and build networks to be a successful marketer, in this information age. A lot of opportunities abound on the internet, and a marketer has access to a wide range of people by going through digital.


    Go digital, build a network online, search and act on marketing opportunities that abound on the internet and various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to get a large audience as it is the secret of being a successful marketer in the age of information and technology.

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