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4 Epic Ways to Drive Customer Loyalty and Revenue Growth With Packaging Inserts

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A packaging insert is considered an additional item that retailers often put into shipments before dispatching them to the customers. However, this unexpected item can be used to build rapport with new customers. It’s something that brands leverage to spread the word about their campaigns and promotions.  This makes packaging inserts a versatile gesture and cost-effective solution to build a relationship with your customers.

How Do Packaging Inserts add Value?

It’s always the little extra things that help you stand out and surpass customers’ expectations. And using the right packaging inserts is one of these extra things. Let’s look at how packaging inserts add value:

  • Run Highly Targeted Campaigns: Custom packaging inserts can be used to run highly targeted campaigns where the intended audience are already your patrons and you know what their favorite product is. Bearing this in mind, you can tailor your insert to the exact customer receiving it.
  • Liquidate Hard-to-Move Merchandise: Inserts can be a great way to liquidate slow-moving merchandise and convert excess inventory into hard cash. Most of all, it provides you the opportunity to bolster your relationship with existing customers.
  • Increase Cross-Selling: When you know exactly what your existing customers like, you can use custom packing inserts to grab their attention and avail the highly targeted cross-sell opportunities.
  • Boost Customer Loyalty: With the right inserts, retailers can drastically increase loyalty because customers are more likely to opt for a product or brand that appreciates them. And packaging inserts can help you do just that.            

However, there are many other ways to use inserts and deliver value to building greater loyalty. Here are the most popular types of inserts that are frequently used by retailers.

  Exclusive Discount Offers

One of the popular types of inserts is a discount offer. Though many retailers deliver these by email, sending them off right in the box ensures your patrons will get the discount offer right in their hands rather receiving it in their spam folder. Above all, the printed insert provides a tangible reminder of the discount program.

Shea Brand is a prominent example in this regard. The online beauty brand uses a variety of packaging inserts to boost customer loyalty. Along with the custom packaging inserts customers receive a coupon code of 20% off on their next purchase.

This is the most economical way to create a deal or offer a generous discount as coupon codes can be printed at business card size. The business card is one of those rare commodities that are extremely inexpensive.

Using a service like The Legacy Printing will allow you to design and create your custom packaging and discount cards in your desired material and printing option. In addition, you will get free shipping and unlimited design revisions option that’ll make things more economical. This may also allow you to test out different types of printing options to determine which one your customers respond best to.

    Small Surprise Gifts

Small surprise gifts can be another way to delight your customers without pushing them to purchase other products from you. It’s not necessary for the gift you give should be expensive. Since it’s unexpected, a lot of them will be pleasantly surprised by an additional gift.

Take Girl Grills for instance. The leading smokers and grills seller has seen how well packing inserts can impact the customer experience. Grilled Grills frequently include a couple of free gifts in their packaging to leave patrons with a smile and add value. They also give a handwritten thank-you note to each customer.

Galen Leather, a handcrafted leather goods manufacturer in Turkey also share free surprise gifts with its customers from the country to round out the brand experience. These small and inexpensive gifts make their customers feel special.

More importantly, it puts the law of reciprocity into effect. Use this psychological trigger and make customers want to return the favor. This will increase repeat business and leave everyone feels great about the transaction.

    Personal Notes & Thank You Cards

A handwritten note or thank you card is the most personalized and least expensive insert you can add to your packaging. This thoughtful gesture can build loyalty and drive sales. Cards can be really effective, especially when you are starting out. This gives you a competitive advantage as large-scale businesses can no longer use them to their advantage.

The premium menswear service, TrunkClub is one such business that is known for its personalized packaging inserts. Their custom inserts include handwritten notes from stylists who’ve handpicked the products for their customers.

Eager to follow their footsteps? Use these quick tips to write a thank you note to your customers:

  • If feasible, use high-quality stationery.
  • Make sure to use the customer’s name.
  • Express your gratitude.
  • Clearly, state the reason for sending the note.
  • Share the details of your experience with each customer.
  • Refer to your future interactions with them.
  • Choose the right greeting and sign off. i.e. Kindest Regards, Cheers, Sincerely, etc.

  Request to Review your Product or Share on Social

For most vendors, shipping a package represents the end of the transaction. However, using a packaging insert gives you the opportunity to ask your customer for a product review or share their experience on the social platform.

Frank body, an original coffee-based scrub, encourage customers to interact on social channels at almost every touch point. This includes printed marketing material like packaging inserts which further bolster their identity and inspire buyers to share their experiences on social media.

As a result, the brand is able to build a massive community of 684k followers on Instagram, which promotes their product and provide social proof to others. This, in turn, has increased brand exposure.


The bottom line is, inserts can provide great value by surpassing customer expectations. So prepare your inserts and drive customer loyalty, sales and profit for your brand. Because unique inserts and different offers can help you build your own successful program.



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