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10 POS Software Manage Your Salon Financial Transactions

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In today’s technological age, most enterprises whose business is retail sales, have replaced traditional cash registers with a POS system. POS systems include several tools, such as POS terminal, POS monitor, barcode scanners, cash drawer, card reader, POS keyboard and POS printer. POS systems make it possible for you to accept payments from customers electronically, monitor product balances, and make important decisions on operational management and long-term planning of your business in an easy way.

They also offer functionality for controlling stock and purchases, processing promotional offers and discount cards, managing suppliers and customers databases, and tracking employee performance. That is why POS software has now become an unavoidable necessity in today’s highly competitive business environment. Have a look at the POS software listed here below:

Salonist is a Salon Point of Sale Software developed by Shriver – the platform that offers CRM based exquisite software to manage small, medium and large size businesses in an easy way. It mainly caters to the needs of all salon and spa business owners who strive for speedy growth. It is actually a multi-functional solution using which you can book appointments with customers on the software itself, website, or the salon’s Facebook page. Automated SMS and Email alerts are sent to both salon business owners and customers for all important business activities that take place between them. Transactions become a lot easier with its POS system.

Epos Now is an ideal POS software for restaurant and retail business organizations. This cloud-based point of sale system acts as a single and centralized platform for employees and allows them to streamline back office, inventory and employee activities. It comes with a customizable dashboard, an online booking system, and integrated payment. It supports different payment gateways, making it easier for you to take payments from customers. Furthermore, Epos Now API can get connected with any payment gateway. So, customers can easily pay you. This POS software can easily be used on all mobile devices and it also has a native mobile application for iOS and Android. It processes payments, creates purchase orders, permits users to send invoices, offers, extensive reporting options, etc.

Sparkresto is a fully integrated CRM software, customer engagement and point-of-sale tool for all hotel and restaurant owners who strive for speedy growth. With its help, you can easily streamline the restaurant business and get more customers. SparkResto has all features to run the business smoothly, such as client relationship manager (CRM), email marketing, online advertising, etc. You can access it on the web and on mobile devices. With this POS software, you can digitalize the hospitality business, process the orders of customers quickly, sell more and take your business to the next level.

Square for Retail POS software for retail business organizations. This could-based POS tool comes with features for inventory, customer, and employee management. With its help, you can track and manage multiple store inventories, add an integrated time clock, create customer profiles, and schedule the work hours of your employees. This POS software automatically classifies customers into different groups and helps managers in business personalization and Email Marketing.

As clear with its name, CleanCloud is a cloud-based POS for individuals who work in the cloth cleaning industry. You can use this POS on different mobile devices easily and manage your business effortlessly. It has native mobile apps for iOS and Android. With its useful features, such as pickup and delivery management, Email and SMS notifications, payment support, and instant reporting, you can streamline the dry-cleaning business in an easy way & boost the profit margins greatly.

Actually, Brightpearl is a Retail Operations Platform, which allows you to integrate all your sales channels and easily handle sales orders, fulfillment, inventory management, accounting, reporting and planning, warehouse management, replenishment, etc, on a daily basis. It is perfect for retail business owners. It automatically collects customer data, offers real-time trading insights and automates the main activities of the retail companies, helping them to reduce the need for man force and save lots of money.

Kounta is a real helping hand for all individuals involved in hotel and restaurant business. It has almost all features that help you to streamline the hospitality business activities, ensure 100% customer satisfaction, and take the business to a new level. With its easy-to-navigate interface and intuitive functionality, you can start using it to serve more customers in a professional manner. Furthermore, if needed, you can customize your POS screen to use it smoothly. It is more than just an ordinary POS software. It has several features and functionalities with which you can digitalize the hospitality business and boost revenues by leaps and bounds.

Veeqo works a catalyst and helps retailers increase sales by leaps and bounds. This helps you to operate the online retail business on a cloud-based platform. It helps you to increase the E-commerce business quickly. With its assistance, you can take care of e-commerce orders, marketplace orders, shipping, accounting, and reporting, etc, through all Internet-enabled devices. It enables you to handle multiple offices and get valuable insights on business performance in real-time.

MicroBiz POS is simply a retail automation software all retail companies. It is created to automate manual tasks and take the business to the next level. Its automation features allow you to complete different business activities (such as real-time inventory, store transfers, auto purchasing/receiving, order/delivery management, and customer relationship management, etc,) and increase the business efficiency. You can also use it to promote Magento based E-commerce websites and boost the profit margins by leaps and bounds.

Cegid Retail & POS is an ideal Omni commerce software with POS and Inventory Management features. It allows you to centralize different business activities in one place and take care of everything in a few clicks. Its cloud-based set-up enables you to handle sales, inventory management, customer experience, and staff monitoring and operates business activities from all places through mobile devices. Multi-channel integration helps you to take payments from customers easily and manage finances in a better way. You can get customized reports on different KPIs of your business and explore what else can be done for business promotion and expansion.

Final Words

The POS software helps individuals run a business professionally and make transactions easily with all key details printed on bills and invoices. Choose your favorite POS software from the above-mentioned list, digitalize the business and stay ahead in the competition. Best of Luck!

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