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How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Can Salvage Your Business from Poor Sales Performance

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The operation of the sales team has gone through a significant transformation. Before, there was a massive dependency on the salespersons who actually interacted with the leads and customers. Nowadays, the customer journey typically involves engagement through any of the digital media, which drives them to make a sale.

Therefore, the role of a salesperson has also been modified with only about 17% of the buyers meeting with their potential suppliers, according to a CEB Digital B2B Survey conducted in 2017. In the same survey, it is pointed out that 27% of the buyers spend their time researching online independently which includes going through the supplier website, seeing the results in search engines and exploring the blogs and websites of the industry experts.

What’s more, is that about 83% of the buyers use at least one form of digital media in the last stages of the completion of sales. Hence the role of the salesperson lies somewhere in the middle – between the time the buyer does the research and before the end where the sales are completed with a digital touch.

The Reasons for Poor Sales Performance

However, taking into account the results from the mentioned B2B survey, it is evident that poor sales performance isn’t the responsibility of the salespersons only as it was before the digital era. Now, the sales are also equally affected by various departments in the organization –marketing, analytics, administration and IT.

The buyers now have a clear idea of the options in front of them. They spend their time researching online and offline, interacting with various salespersons and collecting information that helps them to make the best decision. If an organization wants to recover from the poor sales results, they must concentrate on all the areas of the buyer’s journey.

There can be several reasons for poor sales performance in an organization:

  • Overall less activity on the part of the organization.
  • Ineffective approach when dealing with potential buyers.
  • Ineffective leadership to guide the organization with the proper attitude.
  • Improper sales deployments that don’t reach the buyer’s scope.
  • No proper sales goals or plans to achieve the goals.
  • No proper resources for the salespersons to achieve their goals.
  • No simple tools to help the sales team in closing the deal in a short time.
  • Having salespersons who are unqualified or lack the ability.

Recognizing the reasons for the poor sales performance is the first step to rectify the situation. The most successful sales strategies are those that combine various parameters of the highly effective sales performance to get the best results.

The Role of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Sales

CRM solutions increase your benefit by streamlining regulatory procedures in your business sales, and marketing, and giving you a chance to concentrate on structure and keeping up the customer relationships that matter. A solid CRM solution is a multifaceted stage where everything vital to creating, improving, and holding your client relationships is put away. Without the help of a coordinated CRM arrangement, you may miss development chances and lose income since you’re not advancing your working procedures or capitalizing on your client relationships or sales leads.

If you can notice, most of the issues that lead to poor sales performance are easily managed by installing capable sales software with cloud support. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides solutions to streamline your sales by focusing on developing the customer relationship. By taking the burden off the sales team and IT team in CRM, this Microsoft dynamics CRM development services tool has a one-stop solution to salvage the company from adverse sales outcomes.

  • Create better relationships

Any company which hopes to keep their sales figure on the higher side need to maintain good relationships with their existing customers and show opportunities for their new leads to grow alongside. Microsoft Dynamics CRM stores the complete customer details, which helps to work proactively and improve customer communication effectively.

  • Anytime access to data

When a salesperson is working offline outside the company at a client location, they can easily access all the client’s data through the CRM software. They can even go ahead and make notes of their meetings, which can be accessed easily in the next meetings to come.

According to the Nucleus report, 65% of companies that use a mobile CRM are able to meet or even exceed their sales quotas while only 22% of companies that do not have mobile CRM are able to do the same. This helps to impress the clients and show how much you care about their business.

  • Better business insights

In recent times, it is not just enough to have the details of the business but to get useful insights from it. To close a deal, a salesperson has to have extensive knowledge into the past and future projections of the clients as well to convince them. This is where the business insights of Microsoft Dynamics CRM come into play.

With the data collected and with the proper analysis, you can gather some useful insights which can be leveraged in the meetings with the potential clients.

  • Secure client information

The safety of the client’s detail and the data is of the top importance. Microsoft has enforced some high-security measures and encryption systems to keep the data stored on their cloud platform safe. No matter the devices through which one accesses this platform, the data is kept protected by a sophisticated system of data security.

Once you make Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a part of your sales team, you can only notice a visible improvement in the sales performance but also an enhancement in the entire business operations. With the many features of Dynamics CRM, the work of the sales team is simplified thereby providing them with ample time to concentrate on things that need a human touch.

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