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Use SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration for Getting Most out of Email Marketing Campaigns

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When it comes to leads generation and improved conversion rates, email marketing campaigns are the topmost choice of small as well as large businesses. But if you are a SuiteCRM user then you must know how difficult it is to run an automated email campaign using SuiteCRM. That’s the reason why many users prefer to use Mailchimp, which is a great email marketing automation platform. However, it gives birth to another problem. Using both Mailchimp and SuiteCRM independently requires someone who can manually sync data between both software. Instead of this, you can use a plugin for integrating Mailchimp and SuiteCRM.

But before going to explain how this plugin works and benefits your business, we want to describe what exactly Mailchimp is. And how it can help you with your email marketing campaigns?

What is Mailchimp?

Unlike any other email marketing platform, it is very easy to operate and provides crucial customer insights to its users. Whether it’s running a weekly newsletter, product promotion, scheduled and targeted email campaigns, Mailchimp can do it all without any issue. Along with Mailchimp, you’ll get the arsenal of marketing automation tools that can assist you in achieving your desired goals.

What is MailChimp

It has a user base of millions who sends billions of emails on a daily basis to promote their respective businesses, products, and services. When SuiteCRM is integrated with Mailchimp then it can analyze the customer’s data to help you understand the shopping patterns and many other vital aspects. Eventually, it will help you in improving your sales and the company’s profit. Let’s have a look at some key features of this software.

Pre-Designed Email Templates for Better Engagement

In here, you’ll get tons of ready-to-use email templates. You can use any of these depending on the type of your business. In addition to this, you can also edit the template like its color, image position, and size, content within the email, etc. All these customizations can be performed by just using the built-in drag and drop option. Once the template is finally ready you can preview it and run a test with it. Also, you can save it as a template for later use.

Increase Sales With Smart Product Recommendations

A study suggests that 91% of customers prefer to shop from those brands that provide a personalized experience and relevant product offers and recommendations. Mailchimp is capable of assessing the customer’s purchasing behavior and movement very efficiently. Later, based on this analyzed data, it can produce relevant product or service recommendations for specific customers. Afterward, you run automated email campaigns with these recommended items within them.

Provide More Personalized Experience With Advanced Segmentation

This is a feature that you’ll get in the Mailchimp Pro. Ever heard of the term Market Segmentation? It is a type of marketing in which a business targets the market based on more precise and defined market segments. In Mailchimp, you’ll get many criteria that you can use for targeting subscribers more effectively.

Best Plugin for Mailchimp Integration with SuiteCRM

We suppose you’ve understood the importance of both of the platforms. Now, we are going to demonstrate a way through which you can integrate Mailchimp and SuiteCRM. One of the major benefits of connecting both is that you won’t need to feed SuiteCRM data to Mailchimp and vice-versa. This will save you time and hence you will witness a significant increase in the effectiveness of email campaigns.

SuiteCRM Mailchimp

Top-Notch Features of Suitecrm Mailchimp Integration Extension

Below, you’ll find the outstanding features and benefits of having an extension like this. Whether it is syncing contacts or targets list from SuiteCRM to Mailchimp or sharing email campaign results with SuiteCRM, this plugin can do everything.

  • Everyone is aware of the difficulties faced by the users in running email campaigns just using SuiteCRM. Now Mailchimp is integrated, automated email campaigns will be easier and faster to run than ever before.
  • Real-time data synchronization between both platforms. It means, there will be zero possibility of data inconsistency whatsoever.
  • The users will be able to check the email disposition or email status of every campaign within the SuiteCRM.
  • The data in both of the software will be updated bi-directionally. It means any changes made in SuiteCRM will automatically update in Mailchimp and the other way around as well.


With SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration, you’ll have access to lots of valuable information and insights in one place and at the right time. This will help you in taking decisive decisions quickly and more accurately. Nowadays, data is the key to success, and above all, organizing and making sense of scattered information should be the topmost priority. Our add-on can help you in accomplishing all these goals.

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