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Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions about Dynamics 365

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 has created a stir right from the announcement of its release. There have been many speculations, assumptions and, most importantly, questions regarding this new line of business solution, introduced by Microsoft.

It is undeniable that we cannot answer all the questions or clear all the doubts. However, we can attempt to help, in resolving the confusion to some extent. Therefore, here are the answers to a few, of the many, frequently asked questions about Microsoft Dynamics 365.

1. What is the difference between dynamics 365 business edition and enterprise edition?

As of now, the business edition of Dynamics 365 is meant for small to medium-sized businesses. The applications, operations, features are suited to the needs of such mediocre scale businesses. The enterprise edition is meant for medium to large-scale businesses and offers solutions to all kinds of operations that they need to perform. The enterprise version is also powered by other partner applications that help in international exchanges and global operations. However, there is a steady chance that Microsoft is going to abandon the Business edition. There will be only one version of Dynamics 365 or any other country, and that is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition.

2. What is new in Dynamics 365, compared to the previous products of Microsoft?

Microsoft has always been as reliable as a company. Its products have never failed to meet the needs of its clients or users. However, everyone likes flexibility, and that is exactly what Microsoft has brought to the potential clients and loyalists. Now you can select among the wide range of Microsoft Business solutions and create a suite that perfectly fits your requirements. You can also tailor the existing solutions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 which was barely possible with its previous products.

3. What are the various levels of access to security roles for dynamics 365?

There are five levels of access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 security roles. They are:

  • None: no access.
  • Basic: in this case, the accessibility is restricted to the data and the records that the user owns or those
    that are shared with members of the user unit.
  • Local: this one limits the accessibility to the user’s business unit only.
  • Deep: this operates in a parent-child business unit mode. The accessibility is limited to records available in the user’s business unit and all the units under it.
  • International: this level of security role is best suited for organizations. It provides for full access to any data, record or report, of an organization. This is irrespective of the rank of the user or the instance of the entire business unit.

4. Why is upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 important?

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 has introduced both customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning as a compact line of products under the same platform.
  • There is a provision for you to choose your preferred set of applications. Thus you can select between a wide range of products and solutions and reject the ones you don’t need.
  • The programs are very easy to use and integrate smoothly with Outlook, one of the partnered apps.
  • There is a bunch of partner products that integrate with Dynamics 365 which includes Outlook, Cortana, Office 365, Power BI and more.
  • You can get two deployment options. You can either opt for an on-premises version or you can get the online one.
  • You get full access to your data, anytime, anywhere. It provides real-time data at the fingertips.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with power apps that improve your mobile experience. Thus you can carry out business processes through your mobile phone.

5. What are the tools available with Dynamics 365?

There are chiefly two main tools that Microsoft has integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365. One is power BI and the other is Cortana. These two effectively incorporate intelligent, analytical insights and perspective guidance.

These are barely enough when it comes to all the quarries people still manifest regarding this line of Business Solution program. The best way to get clear of all your doubts is to seek help from a trusted Microsoft Dynamics Implementation partner. They have all the knowledge and skill to make you understand the specifications of the product.

6. How does Microsoft connect to its clients?

If you are new to this industry and wondering about making sound decisions, then you must start from the basics. Dynamics 365 is a popular set of business solution apps, developed by Microsoft. In order to flourish your business digitally, you need to use the best of the features, incorporated by Microsoft in its program.

You probably already know that Microsoft is a mere manufacturer and clients cannot reach out to the company or the company executives directly. There is a wide network of implementation partners, certified by Microsoft, that work both ways to satisfy the clients, as well as to provide business to the company. These partners help you to get the licensing of Dynamics 365 or any other part of the world. They are called implementation partners as the assist their clients right from Dynamics 365 demo to installation.

7. What to consider before hiring an Implementation Partner?

The other factor that you need to focus on is choosing the right implementation partner as they are going to help you with the effective usage of the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  1. Experience in the industry: There are numerous implementation partners available in this industry. They all promise to provide you with the best of services. However, they are not all equally effective. Most of them often fail to meet the need of their clients. This is primarily because they have not achieved the skills to analyze the needs of the client company. The only way, you can make sure that you are not in amateur hands is to check the industry experience of the service provider. It will ensure the proficiency of your Microsoft Dynamics Partner and thereby will increase the chance of your satisfaction.
  2. Product knowledge: This is another factor that you must cross-check when it comes to selecting your implementation partner. Your service provider must have detailed knowledge about Dynamics 365. With a substantial knowledge about the product, they will not only perform better but also will be able to enlighten you with the required knowledge. This is beneficial because you would be more confident while using its functionalities. It would also enable you to readily make the right decisions for your company with little chance of bad investment on relentless subscription.
  3. Reputation: The reputation of any company is determined by its effectiveness and performance in its field. Thus, when you read the client reviews of a company, you get a good idea about its proficiency and skill. It is, therefore, mandatory to see whether or not; your Microsoft Dynamics Partner has a good reputation. The reputation of a service provider is entirely based on their quality of service and cannot be bought. Thus, if you opt for a well-reputed implementation partner, you are more likely to have your needs met. Whereas if you opt for one of the ill-reputed ones, there is a greater chance that you are going to end up unsatisfied and frustrated.
  4. Responsive support: The duties of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner include a wide array of services. Starting from Dynamics 365 Demo, to installation and even after implementation, they are supposed to provide you with constant support. They must have well-organized and responsive customer service as well. While all the implementation partners do not abide by the general motto, there are service providers who are going to take care of all your requirements. Thus, you must check the support plan of the respective services.


This write-up aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Microsoft Dynamics 365. The best way to get clear of doubts and confusion is, however, to talk to a professional implementation partner.

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