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15 Creative Ideas for Subscription Boxes

Creative Ideas for Subscription BoxesImage Credit: Deposit Photos

Buying subscription boxes is an exciting way to try out new things. Packaged in a way that makes it unpredictable and keeps the products safe, these boxes are sure to put a smile on subscribers’ face. Since it is a business model that sends out stuff regularly to a customer of anything under the sun, there are subscription boxes that can be quite out of this world. Here are fifteen creative ideas for subscription boxes.

Subscription Boxes

1. Unique Jewelry

There are many kinds of jewelry that can be great subscription box ideas since there are tons of genres and fashion styles that you can choose! Fill up a box with gorgeous jewelry that’ll effortlessly blend with your style by creating a profile and selecting pieces you’re interested in. Magnificent jewelry photography will help you find the perfect ideas for your look. Easily match your aesthetic with accessories that can be down to earth or otherworldly on its own!

2. Collectibles

There are various kinds of collectibles that one can have as a subscription box from retro toys, snacks, and goodies to hi-tech gadgets and accessories that are making waves in the current market trend and are still catered to your preferences. The great thing about this is that you don’t have to go looking for those rare finds as these boxes take care of the search for you.

3. Personal Stylist Box

Curate a box that acts as your personal stylist and sends you handpicked pieces to fit your tastes and budget. Sizes, colors, and styles are customizable and pieces that you don’t like can be returned. Hassle-free shopping with no worries is the name of the game for this kind of subscription box!

4. Apothecary and Skincare

Skincare items have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years especially organic ones as the growing need to have “glass skin” as a trend continues. Boxes that cater to specific skincare routines are great at gaining traction and will surely be a hit.

hubble skin care

5. Self-care Boxes

Continuing the trend of focusing on the working women class, subscription boxes that focus on self-care are quite a hit for these lovely folks. Fill these boxes with books, organic skincare items, aromatherapy oils and lots of tea and you’re good to go!

6. Drinks from Coffee, Tea to Wine

Jars, bottles, and boxes of new coffee, wine and tea can be the game-changer of today since subscription boxes are extremely popular with millennials which makes up 31% of the currently subscribed market to subscription boxes. This is especially true for working women in their late 20s to early 30s who love to unwind after a long day at work.

7. International Snacks and Treats

Subscription boxes that offer snacks are a hit to everyone especially when they are curated to include unique treats that you can’t get anywhere else! There are boxes that supply Japanese candy and snacks, international meal kits, and boxes that focus on unique flavors.

8. Challenging Puzzles

Rack your brain with mind-bending puzzles each month by getting themed challenging mystery boxes of codes, cryptic messages, and puzzles! Get in the competitive spirit and solve riddles, decode ciphers, and work through puzzles.

9. The Arts and Crafts

Create trendy and crafty projects without ever stepping into a store! Arts and crafts boxes can give their subscribers new projects every month and provide them with the materials and instructions needed to complete the said project.

10. Unique Trinkets

Trinkets are small ornaments that can be anything of little value. But there are unique little novelty items that you can get through subscription boxes. There’s nothing more unique than receiving different kinds of skeleton bones, fairy figures, and traveling paraphernalia!

pet goodies

11. Pet goodies

A crate of goodies made especially for your pooch will surely melt your heart as these can include healthy treats, pawsitively squeaky toys, and adorable new accessories for your furry friend!

12. Retro Gizmos

Are you the type that likes wandering the aisles of antique malls, shopping at vintage clothing stores, and filling your home with knick-knacks from the past? Then a retro subscription box is just what you need to fill that beating vintage heart! Boxes that are filled with vintage toys or vinyl records or even retro home decor are just a few things you can have.

13. DIY Kits

DIY kits of any kind are a welcome addition to your life if you’d like something to do every month that isn’t part of your usual routine. There are boxes that let you grow your own plant, make your very own charcoal drawings and even creating your very own quilt.

14. Bathroom Essentials

An actual great way to receive your bathroom essentials regularly! Subscription boxes can be personalized to include a collection of personal care products that are tailored to your needs. These boxes can include body wash, deodorant, and cologne.

15. Around the World Spices

There are unique spices in different parts of the world that you may have not tried before and there are subscription boxes that can bring these spices right at your doorstep! Whip up a new dish using various freshly ground spices and herbs and the recipes that should come with it.

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