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Convenient Gift Giving for High Value Clients

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There are multiple occasions for giving your clients corporate gifts: celebrating company milestones, thanking them for their business, or welcoming new clients. Whatever the reason, you want your gift to leave a lasting impression. The best gifts are useful, personal, and typically come in a set. Let’s look at a few ideas that fit those criteria.

A Bouquet of Flowers

A beautiful bouquet of roses, lilies, or daisies goes down well with new clients because it’s a gift that anyone will appreciate. While you’re getting to know your newly discovered business partners, flowers from The Bouqs Co. can help break the ice and quickly improve your relationship. Be sure to research the personal meaning of the flowers you’re choosing. Otherwise, you may accidentally make a romantic gesture when you don’t mean to!

Coffee Gift Set

Coffee is the lifeblood of most industries, and most clients feel the same. While a mug and coffee beans may be sufficient, you can go above and beyond by giving them a slick thermos that is either engraved in your logo or your clients. Stick to muted colors or black because they’ll usually pair well with your client’s home. Be sure to find coffee beans that you can’t find in the grocery store. Otherwise, it may feel like a last-minute gesture.

Wine Set with Glasses

Most people enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a bottle at a social gathering, so giving a wine set with a set of glasses will typically excite your clients. However, it’s a good idea to ask them at some point in your relationship if they drink, or this may come off as offensive. If you feel wine is the best present for your client, be sure to pair this set with a vintage corkscrew and a box to house this lovely (possibly engraved) gift. With wine, a good accompaniment would be cigars. If you want to to gift your client something luxurious, you can add in a box of Cuban cigars. There are many types of Cuban cigars to choose from, you could select Cohiba cigars which have great smell and taste.

Food Gift Baskets

While this may need some prior research on your part to check for allergies or preferences, a food basket is an excellent gift because it will always be used! Your clients may want a snack during their workday, and combining pretzels, cookies, and crackers in a well-designed, beautiful basket will always be appreciated. Food gift baskets are a great milestone or holiday gift when your company accomplishes something incredible.

A Tech Roll-up Pouch

Your clients are busy and always on the go, and many of your business partners may not enjoy a typical gift. A tech roll pouch gives your client something to appreciate without being too flashy because it gives them a compact way of storing and transporting their cables. On top of that, they no longer have to reach into their bag only to pull out a tangled mess. Your new high-value clients will greatly appreciate something they can use daily.

Bean Bag Toss Game

Although a bean bag toss game isn’t the most conventional gift, it can definitely impress those clients that are a little more out-of-the-box. The bean bag toss is a timeless, easy to understand game that they can set up in their office as a way to blow off some steam. What makes this gift so unique and versatile is that it’s appropriate for any win or occasion and is a fun addition to a cookout, office party, or tailgate!

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