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Construction Marketing 101: 9 Ways Photos Can Grow Your Business

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Marketing in any business is imperative – but when you’re a construction company, your chosen marketing medium plays a huge role in keeping you visible and expanding your reach.   

And while you may not necessarily think of it as a marketing tool, your website and photography are the first things people see when they look you up online.  

Fortunately for construction companies, there’s no shortage of fantastic photo ideas highlighting all kinds of construction projects – from houses turned into dream homes to public parks turned into community gardens. Many contractor renovation photography tips can even be found online.  

But how do you make sure your business is the one that comes to mind when someone is looking for a contractor?  


Here are nine ways photos can help to market your business: 

 1. Photos Showcase Your Expertise 

In essence, construction is a highly visual industry, and photos are one of the best ways to show off your work.   

A picture narrates a thousand stories, and potential clients will be able to see just how talented you are with a glance at your portfolio. Make sure your website is full of beautiful, high-quality photos of your past projects to help clients picture themselves in the space.   

You don’t need photos of every single project you’ve completed – choose a few that showcase your creativity and range. 

 2. Photos Show Your Position In Your Industry 

Keeping updated with the latest trends is vital for any construction business, but it can be hard to do when you’re always on the go.   

Luckily, your website can be a great way to show off your company’s unique style and point of view.   

Use photos to capture the feeling of your work – whether it’s sleek and modern or classic and timeless. And don’t be afraid to showcase your team in action, too – clients love seeing the people who will be working on their projects.  

Another way to showcase your position in the industry is by posting updates. A great photo can help illustrate a story and make it more interesting for potential clients. 

 3. Photos Help You Connect With Clients  

One of the best advantages of using photos on your website is that they help you connect with clients in a personal way.   

People love looking at beautiful images, and by posting photos of your work, you’re inviting them into your world.   

You don’t want every photo to be perfect, glossy-magazine-style shots showing an occasional mishap or funny moment can help you connect with people by showing that your business is composed of real working people.

 4. Photos Help You Gain New Clients 

Not only will photos help you connect with your current clients, but they’ll also help attract new ones.  

Your amazing photos aren’t just about showing off your work – they’re also a great way to get the word out about what you do.  

Getting published on popular photo sites, whether on social media or in an online gallery, is a great way to shoot up your exposure and reach potential clients who may never have heard of you otherwise. 

 5. Photos Build Trust 

People are more likely to buy from a company they can trust, and photos are one of the best ways to exhibit to potential clients that you’re reliable and safe to work with.  

Your portfolio should include images that showcase your expertise and professionalism – whether a business portrait or a beautiful photo of a completed project.  

When clients see that you’re a credible business, they’ll be more likely to choose you for their next project. 

A delightful way to show your expertise and trustworthiness is by featuring before-and-after photos of your past projects. Showing how you transformed space can give clients an idea of what they’ll be like after completing the renovation. 

Another way to show your trustworthiness is by sharing testimonials. When you have successful projects in your portfolio, use them to show potential clients how great your company is. 

 6. Photos Improve Your SEO 

When a potential client is looking you up online, they’re going to check out everything from your social media profiles to your website.   

Including great photos on the different pages of your site – especially on your homepage and ‘About Us’ page – can help improve your search engine optimization, which means more people will find you when they search for construction companies.  

Most people looking for a contractor will go straight to the internet, so make sure you come up top-rank of the search results by ensuring your site is full of great photos. 

 7. Photos Support Your Digital Marketing Campaigns  

Whether you’re promoting your business on social media, advertising online, or emailing potential clients, photos are a marvelous way to help tell your company’s story at every step of the sales process.  

Photos can be shared across multiple platforms, so you’re reaching a wider audience, and they can be used in different formats to capture attention. 

For example, you could create an infographic about the process of building a deck and include images as supporting material. 

 8. Photos Improve Your Social Media Presence  

In connection with digital marketing, photos are a great way to improve your social media presence.  

You can share your most impressive photos across multiple platforms; they make it easy for others to repost and share your content (which helps with SEO), and you can use them as part of your unique branding strategy.  

Showing off the latest photoshoot is also a fun way to keep your followers engaged, and it can help attract new ones, too. 

 9. Photos Improve Your Website Traffic 

More people visit your website when they see that you’ve got beautiful images – which means more potential customers for you!  

Going beyond simply hiring a photographer for your site, make sure the photos on every page are high-quality and exciting.  

That way, you’ll keep people coming back for more, and they’ll be more likely to become paying customers. 



The world of construction marketing is competitive, and it can be tough to stand out from the rest. But with the help of high-quality photos, you can show potential clients what you’re capable of and why you should be on top of their list for their next project. So make sure your website is photo-rich, and use photos in all of your marketing campaigns strategically to grow your business.  

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