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Storage Cabinets Make Your Commercial Van More Functional

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Millions of new and experienced business owners depend on commercial vans to service customers. Whether it’s automotive, construction, floral, pest control, or any other industry, they all depend on efficient transportation to service customers. But many business owners focus mainly on the van exterior when acquiring new vehicles and don’t give much attention to the interior. Upfitting the interior to incorporate the accessories your business needs can dramatically increase productivity and efficiency. It will also cut down on the time it takes for workers to find the tools and supplies they need. 

There are many options to choose when fitting a van to meet the needs of your business. Storage cabinets are a great way to make the most of the limited space in commercial vans. It will also help keep the van interior neat and clean. So, if a customer happens to peek inside the van while the doors are open they won’t see clutter. There are several ways storage cabinets maximize space to help you get the most out of your vehicle. It will also increase safety, efficiency, and upkeep. 

Here are a few ways storage cabinets can make your commercial van more functional and safe

Weight Adjustment

Commercial vans can be modified to fit the individual needs of just about any company. Weight is always a consideration when adding accessories to a commercial van. That’s why its best to use a van upfitter. An experienced van upfitter will customize the install with accessories that won’t weigh your van down. Racks can be fully customized to fit large and heavy materials and make it easily accessible.

Foldaway shelves can store smaller items while leaving space for larger items when not needed. It makes the van suitable for many different uses. 

Efficient Use of Space

There are a variety of storage cabinets to choose from using different colors and materials. There are also locking cabinets and drawers too. Well-designed cabinets can make the most of any storage space, potentially providing as much as 3x the original space. You will be able to store more items in a limited space. By optimizing storage space, you will be able to store more items resulting in fewer trips that are needed, which saves time, fuel and resources. The expense of a cabinet can quickly be paid off by the benefits of more efficient use of space and increased productivity.

Ease of Access

Having the ability for workers to access items readily is essential in terms of both saving time and improving safety. Rather than bending down looking for something that may be scattered about the vehicle, workers can stand up-right reaching for something they need in a readily accessible drawer or cabinet. Cabinet installations can address both these critical issues. 

Work-related injuries are an everyday occurrence. And the majority of those injuries are preventable. Heavy, awkward-to-carry equipment can be effortlessly reached when using a cabinet system. It will also reduce the likelihood of injury when retrieving heavy items, and they will be more easily accessible. Installing a ramp or lift will also reduce injuries when loading or unloading heavy or bulky items like merchandise and equipment.

By installing cabinets, some tools may be accessed from outside the vehicle, making heavy lifting less awkward. Pull-out platforms can make heavy loads quick and easy to get in and out of the van. Work-related injuries stemming from back strain can be reduced, increasing safety and saving the company money. It is especially important in inclement weather conditions.

Ladder Storage 

Ladders are usually stored on the roof, but that can lead to safety issues while lifting or storing. Another option is to store ladders inside the van. Securing ladders inside vehicles makes them easier to retrieve. And drivers will not have to worry about them accidentally falling off the roof during transit or at a job site. It also helps prevent theft or vandalism. 

Ladders made of fiberglass are protected from sunlight, which deteriorates their quality over time, creating safety issues. Also, they aren’t exposed to rain and dirt in transit. It will help prolong the life cycle meaning you will replace ladders less often.

Save Money in the Long Run

Upfitting your van to include cabinet storage not only saves space and time, but it can also save money. There is only so much space inside a vehicle. When installed properly with the right cabinets for your business, it can significantly increase the amount of storage space. 

Making efficient use of space will reduce the number of journeys you will have to make to carry large loads. It will also save valuable time by organizing tools, equipment, and supplies in a neat and orderly fashion, making items easier to locate and more accessible. 

Another benefit is tidiness. Cabinets help prevent dirt and dust build-up and can be quickly and effortlessly cleaned. And workers will spend less time searching for items that are easily lost or misplaced. Just think about the number of times your company had to replace supplies that were lost or misplaced. It can add up quickly when you have a fleet of vans servicing customers daily.

Work-related injuries can be costly. It’s not just the medical expense, but the lost time of work while the employee recovers. A cabinet storage system helps reduce the risk of costly work-related injuries. With a well-designed van, you’ll be ensuring a safer, more efficient and functional commercial van for your business.