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Why Cloud Computing Strategy Could Be Business’ Success Elixir?

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Big Data, AI, and Cloud—The Big 3 and the heart of today’s Industry 4.0 age. These three technologies have inspired an explosion of new age firms disrupting every industry we can think of! Be it retail, e-commerce, construction, IT, logistics, consumer electronics, fashion, or more, the conjoined e-spear headed by the Big 3 has helped a dawn a new era of humanity. And if you are already in awe of what is happening all around and how fast things are changing, well let us tell you—it’s just tip of the iceberg.

According to the world famous historian, futurist, and the author of record-breaking bestsellers, Homo Sapiens and Homo Deus—Yuval Noah Harari, this age led by data intelligence and cloud would bring a revolution beyond the comprehension of even the world’s biggest minds. And like the previous three Industrial revolutions, this won’t be a one-time affair. It would a cascaded innovation era—Within a span of few years, the three technologies would continually fuel bigger and bigger revolutions till maybe the ‘ill-famed’ Singularity!

Among those 3 pillars of the modern tech world, none has been more relevant to modern day businesses than Cloud. Irrespective of whether a firm uses data analysis or AI, it does generate hundreds of Gigabytes of data every month or even every day. Though hardware systems are increasing in capacity, businesses can’t always afford big, physical data-centers that would exacerbate costs, space issues, maintenance hassles, and much more. That’s the reason why most businesses are now moving towards the cloud to efficiently store, manage, and get insights from their data. Cloud-based operations have multiple advantages that make a business operating on cloud more flexible, efficient than conventional ones. In addition to the global cloud providers like Microsoft, Amazon, Dropbox, Google, this has fuelled the exponential rise of private, public, and hybrid cloud solution providers and also efficient business management consultancies that are assisting their customers to seamlessly transfer their operations to the cloud. Businesses in major cities in almost every other country now have a well-established ecosystem of solution providers, business consultancies, and buyers of cloud solutions. For instance, management consulting firms in Kolkata dealing with digital, emerging technologies and especially cloud have witnessed a steady growth over the last decade.

So, why exactly this enthusiasm about cloud solutions? In addition to the ever-present storage challenge, here are some primary reasons why cloud solutions would be a ‘must-adoption’ for modern businesses!

Productivity Multiplier

One of the main reasons why businesses are more inkling towards cloud solutions is because the entire suite that any proper cloud provider offers to the customer. In addition to data space to manage their data, they also come with a horde of other services such as specialized tools such as insight generations, AI tools, software suites for workflow management, risk management, and more. In addition, through specialized cloud-based management systems, business owners can monitor their entire organizational progress, productivity statuses of all their internal departments, manage employees, strategize from data-based insights, and hence steer their businesses to newer heights.


One of the biggest advantages of cloud solutions is an efficient, internal collaboration structure of the entire organization. Through special editing tools, employees from the same or different departments and collaborate on the same spreadsheets, documents, and hence everyone has uniform visibility. In addition, all business operations being online and on the cloud, employees can also work anytime, anywhere, and add to the overall productivity of the company. Businesses can also opt for special work-specific chat applications for better internal communications. There are no confusions, communications through infinite emails involved and everyone can work in unison through an efficient, online collaboration platform. In addition, if the management feels so, it can also assign or have restricted access levels to different employees of a hierarchy to further strengthen their organization workflow structure.

Risk Management

When a business partner with a proper cloud vendor, risk management automatically becomes easy. Since the entire operations are on the cloud, natural calamities involving physical systems no longer can jeopardize the data or operations of a company. In extreme cases, the data of the company is safely stored even if their operations shut down for a day for a few days due to emergency issues.  Employees and business owners can also, in such scenarios, run day to day administrative tasks from personal devices as everything is online. In addition, cloud solutions also come in-built with top-notch security applications that keep all business data safe and secure. A business owner can choose the levels of security, have access levels along the entire organization, and prevent data-theft, phishing attacks, whistle-blowing attempts, and more. Exclusive data stays with exclusive people! You, as a business owner, can control your data security and safety on your finger-tips!


Again, one of the most amazing advantages is getting your business acquainted to data intelligence. Most cloud providers now provide decent AI tools in addition to your cloud storage and management systems that can be immensely helpful for your business. Automation tools could assist in lowering your man-hours on redundant, administrative tasks, and help your employees focus on the real works instead. Some higher packages also include data intelligence where cloud-based AI programs analyze your internal and external data and throw up valuable insights that could be the key to your next level business strategization. Cloud intelligence rightfully defines the amalgamation of cloud technologies, data analysis, and AI. Hence, comprehensive, premium cloud packages can give you the benefit all the Big Three advanced technologies at one go! Once you pay and embrace the cloud, you can eliminate all your business hassles and create a productive, efficient, cost-effective, online environment for the smooth functioning of your business.

Hence, all the above points duly highlight the necessity of cloud computing for modern day businesses. If you are from developing countries, embracing the cloud and going tech-savvy can bring you at par with other global competitors in terms of streamlined service provision and overall productivity. In a metro city like Kolkata, the cloud trend has gone viral and multiple providers are popping up with a rise in demand. Cost-effective solutions with innovative add-ons have become the highlight.  Management consulting firms in Kolkata are duly assisting their clients in adopting a digital transformation outlook powered by cloud and are acting as an efficient bridge between service providers and business buyers. It’s an ecosystem that could fuel disruptions at a much higher pace than we could have ever imagined.

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