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Choosing the Best Corner Stand-Up Desk

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The most important piece of furniture in any office is the desk. Whether you work at a regular office or home, you must pay a lot of attention to the selection of your desk. The desk must be large enough for you to put your computer and peripherals (a printer, for example). Other requirements include color, style, and quality of materials. For many years, selecting the best desk for your office was limited to evaluating the parameters mentioned above.

The traditional “static” desktop is being phased out by the modern motorized desk. This type of desk is fitted with electromechanical devices known as “lifting columns.” A lifting column consists of an electric motor and a system of gears. The main function of the lifting column is to convert the rotation from the motor into up-down linear movement. In this way, the height of the desktop can be adjusted with remote control.

Why motorize an office desk? The benefits of a standing desk are numerous and many, but the main reason is they promote a healthy lifestyle for the person working at the desk. Scientists have found a link between a sedentary life and the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other health problems. Instead of sitting for many hours, scientists recommend standing for some hours during the working day. Motorized desks allow changing the height of the desktop to work while standing. That’s why this type of desk is also referred to as a “standing desk.”

The first standing desks were rectangular. Nowadays, we can find other shapes. You can buy a stand up corner desk, for example. Alternative shapes can help you to optimize the usage of your office space. How to select this type of desk? Well, first of all, you have to determine whether you need a corner desk or an L-shaped desk. The two may seem the same thing, but there are subtle differences between them. Let’s take a look at the main differences:

  • Corner standing desks have a single desktop and two or more legs. Moreover, they are symmetrical in most cases. They usually are more affordable than L-shaped standing desks. Since they’re generally built in small sizes, they are perfect for offices with limited space;
  •  L-shaped standing desks have two desktops and three legs. They tend to be larger, heavier, and more expensive than corner-standing desks. They are not necessarily symmetrical, which allows for more versatility in the usage of office space.

Once you decide that you need a corner standing desk, you can proceed to choose the best one for you.

How to Choose the Best Corner Standing Desk for Your Office

There are different things that you have to consider. Things like color, texture, and type of material of the desktop are important. However, the procedure to choose a corner stand-up desk should begin with the selection of other characteristics. You can follow the order suggested below.

Choose the Size and Shape of the Desktop

First and foremost, you have to decide on the size and shape of the desktop. After all, it would be a mistake to buy a desk larger than the space available for a desk at your office. Although most corner standing desks are symmetrical, it is not always the case. You can opt for a shorter side if you have space restrictions on one side. Also, consider the style of the desktop. Most desktops are like a combination of two rectangles. However, some manufacturers incorporate curves that create a more modern look for the desk.

Choose the Number of Legs

Some corner standing desks have two legs only. Although this is a more affordable option, it is not the most convenient. The best compromise is getting a corner standing desk with three legs. Each leg has a lifting column, which adds to the overall price of the desk. However, two legs don’t guarantee the stability of the desktop. With three legs, the desktop will be very stable. More legs can add more stability, but not that much to justify the cost of another lifting column.

Choose the Type of Control

The height adjustment is done through the push of a button. However, you can choose between a control fixed on the frame of the desk or a remote control unit. Both have advantages and disadvantages. You choose the best alternative depending on what option is more practical for you.

Choose Accessories for the Desk

Most vendors offer different types of accessories to improve the functionality and comfort of your standing desk. These accessories usually include CPU holders, cable extensions, and more. While it is best to buy all the necessary accessories at the moment of purchase, you can buy them later in most cases.

Choose Aesthetic Details

In the end, you can decide on some aesthetic details like the color of the frame or desktop. Manufacturers also offer different materials and finishes for the desktop. Choose the colors, textures, and finishes of your liking.

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