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5 Powerful Strategies for Becoming a Badass CEO

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A good CEO is like a conductor leading an orchestra. They need to know the melody, understand when and where to get louder or softer, and have a general understanding of all the instruments. But most importantly, they need to know how to work with their team to make the music sound amazing.

Being a successful CEO needs a lot of effort from your side. This post highlights some key strategies that can help you on your journey to becoming a badass CEO.


Know What Your Weaknesses Are

It’s essential to know your strengths, but it’s also important to know what you’re not good at. If you don’t understand your weaknesses, you won’t be able to fully appreciate your strengths or be able to use them properly. No matter what kind of person you are, we all have some strengths or weaknesses. It’s up to us whether we choose to acknowledge them and learn from our mistakes or pretend nothing is wrong with us at all and carry on without any self-awareness whatsoever.

Know who else has strengths that complement yours well so you can build something great together! Know who else has weaknesses that would complement yours well if only they were in charge instead of yourself because then maybe things wouldn’t be as bad as they are now.

Keep Learning and Keep Evolving

As a CEO, you need to be constantly learning. Learning is a lifelong process, and the journey never ends. Every day, there will be new information coming at you from all directions—not just in business but in life too.

Suppose you aren’t keeping up with your reading and learning techniques relevant to you as an individual. In that case, it will be hard for you to adapt when things change because of external factors like technology or a changing workforce demographic.

Learning is also about discovering who you are as an entrepreneur, what drives you, where your strengths lie, and what makes your company unique? These questions are essential because they give insight into how best someone can lead themselves and their teams through times of uncertainty or change in direction.

The best way to keep up with the latest trends and information in the market is to join a CEO group. These CEO groups can be the community you want that helps drive your company to success. You will find many CEOs in these groups who will be like your board of advisors. You can communicate with them for information and advice and even share your thoughts when others need help with their businesses.

Figure Out Your Team’s Weaknesses and Hire for Those Gaps

You need to recognize what’s lacking in your team and hire people who can fill those areas. You also need to hire people smarter than you, more experienced than you, more talented than you, and more educated than you. If someone can do something better than I can, I will gladly let them take care of it!

Hiring people who are better than us is an excellent strategy for business growth because they bring new perspectives and skills into the organization that we would not have had otherwise. This allows us as leaders to focus our attention where it matters most: on critical decisions that significantly impact the company’s success or failure.

Be a Mentor and Find Mentors

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: the best way to learn how to be a badass CEO is by learning from other badasses. A good mentor can serve as an invaluable resource for all sorts of things, including:

  • Helping you learn about yourself. Mentors will be able to point out strengths and weaknesses that you may not have recognized on your own, which can help set goals for improvement. They also give guidance on how to improve those areas without being too critical. They can help breed an environment of trust within your organization—and trust is crucial in any thriving company culture!
  • Helping you understand your industry better. Mentors know all about their field—from its history to its current trends—and are often willing to share this knowledge with others interested in learning more about it too! This means they’ll be able to dole out some great advice when dealing with challenges only known inside specific industries.

Take Risks, But Take Calculated Ones

You need to take risks to be a badass CEO. Risk-taking can make all the difference between success and failure in your company. However, you must take calculated risks to benefit your business rather than hurt it. When considering whether or not to take a chance, consider the following:

  • What would happen if this failed? Is it likely that our brand or reputation would be damaged? If so, perhaps we should skip this risk and find another way around it. Remember that, sometimes, the best business decision is no decision.
  • What will happen if this succeeds? Will our employees be able to handle what comes next? Are they ready for more responsibility? Do they have experience with these skills, or do we need new people on board who are prepared for growth opportunities now? How about customers — how might their experience change if we make this move?

Considering these questions and finding their answers will help you make the right move. Always remember that the key to making a better decision is information. So don’t try to be quick here, although it is required sometimes. Get all the information possible, and discuss the questions and outcomes with your mentors, colleagues, and even staff before making a decision.



You need to realize that you’re part of a group that needs to help each other grow and learn. So, here’s to you, the badass CEO. Stay focused on your goals and keep your mind open to learning new things about yourself and your business. Focus on what you do best, but understand that a large part of being a good leader is knowing when it’s time to bring in experts from outside the company to fill in gaps within your team.

Doing these five things will help ensure that you always have the edge over the competition and remain ahead of the curve.

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