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Top 20 Sources of Tech Information You Can Find This Year

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Are you a tech geek looking for juicy tech information? Or are you simply looking for a few reliable sources to keep up with the latest tech trends? Why not get your hands on the latest tech info? For that, we have pulled together a list of 20 best sources of tech information for you!

Check them out…

  1. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a prominent player in the tech industry. This American online publisher is packed with all sorts of technology related news, startup news and even announcements regarding startup funding. TechCrunch also hosts tech events across the world. They host an annual tech conference called “TechCrunch Disrupt” in San Francisco, NYC, and Europe. It’s available in different languages – English, Japanese, and Chinese.

  1. Wired

Wired is another popular name in the tech industry. Its home to tech news and how emerging technologies impact our daily lives. It can definitely deliver the biggest stories to your inbox. Wired is considered to be the Rolling Stone of the Tech world. People lauded it for its innovation, originality, cultural impact, and vision.

  1. Mashable

Mashable is not just dedicated to tech, it covers a variety of topics starting from science, entertainment, business to culture and more. Their tech section will keep you posted with the latest happenings in the tech industry.

  1. Gizmodo

The name might make you think it’s all about gadgets but it’s not. It also covers topics such as science, design, and the latest tech news. They also have a review section that covers information, opinions, and comparisons of a wide range of gadgets.

  1. Tech Radar

Primarily, Tech Radar features content about tech-buying but you will find news and reviews here too. It also has a “how-to” section that reads awesome tips and tricks about tech and various gadgets.

  1. The Verge

The Verge is an American tech news blog that covers information related to technology, culture, art, and science. The site started with the mission to offer its readers featured stories, breaking news, product information, and community content. The Verge has a podcast and even a web TV series called “The Verge Show.”

  1. Android Authority

You have guessed it right, Android Authority is all about Android news. They feature news and reviews on Android phone, apps, and tablets. They also offer expert tips and detailed how-tos.

  1. PCWorld

PCWorld is a global computer magazine that offers advice on various aspects of the Internet, PCs, and personal technology products and services. They share reviews on software and hardware products from a variety of manufacturers.

  1. Digital Trends

Digital Trends covers all – tech news, product reviews, how-tos, and more. You will also find videos and podcasts about consumer electronic products. It’s a great resource for novice and tech experts.

  1. CNET

CNET is popular for its latest technology breakthroughs, buyer guides, and articles that tell how technology can enrich our lives. It originally used to produce content for TV and radio. Now they have their own internet TV network, blog networks, and podcast.

  1. Engadget

You will find the most compelling reviews, videos, features, breaking news about technology and people at Engadget. This multi-lingual tech blog network has 10 blogs. 4 of them are in English and the rest are in international versions. They also have a podcast that covers tech-related topics and even tech events happening around the world.

  1. VentureBeat

It’s a leading source for news, events, and research on technology and innovation. The content covered here helps tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and even executives make smart decisions.

  1. Gigaom

Gigaom is all about the importance and impact of technology on media, society, and business. It also covers tech events, tech sports, and tech news. Apart from offering information on emerging technologies, it also shares news, analysis, and opinions on startups.

  1. Computer World

Computer World covers tech news, blogs and newsletters about smartphones, tablets, software, and tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

  1. Lifehacker

Lifehacker has information on just about anything. So even a tech enthusiast will find plenty of information here. Its blog is available on the latest software and apps for Android and iOS. They have a special weekly podcast hosted by Melissa Kirsch who shares tips on improving your lifestyle and so much more.

  1. Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia started with the mission to build and serve a tech community in Asia. It covers the latest news, hottest tech trends and stories of startups. In short, you will find everything about tech here. Tech in Asia also organizes tech conferences and events across Asia. You can also browse their website to find tech-related jobs.

  1. The Apple Blog

This website is solely meant for iOS device lovers. It’s basically for Apple users since it has solutions to all queries related to Apple products. It also features iOS device reviews.

  1. New Atlas

New Atlas is one of the best places to find the latest technology news. It also features content about science, transport, and lifestyle. It’s been up and running for more than a decade now with 5 million users per month. New Atlas was previously known by the name Gizmag. Their mission is to trace extraordinary ideas that move the world forward.

  1. InfoWorld

InfoWorld is a destination of technology decision makers and business leaders who want to read an in-depth analysis of enterprise technology. Its parent company is international Data Group while its sister publications are PC World and Macworld. Experienced tech journalists and technology practitioners are responsible for producing editorial content.

  1. The Register

The Register shares independent news, reviews, opinions, and views on the latest happenings in the IT industry. It also features the latest science and tech news. It started as an email newsletter but became a news source website.

These sources of tech information will keep you posted with the latest happenings across the world. You are not going to miss out on any info even if you are on the go. Make sure you have the best Frontier Internet speed to browse them on your smartphone.

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