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4 Tips to Prevent Electrical Hazards in the Warehouse

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When you run a warehouse, there are a lot of challenges and potential disasters to be aware of. One of which is the risk of electrical hazards.

If your warehouse has a lot of heavy machinery, for example, this can pose a real electrical hazard. However, the good news is these hazards can be successfully avoided with a little knowhow. Below, you’ll discover just 4 tips to prevent electrical hazards in the warehouse.

1. Ensure equipment is grounded

One of the main tips to help you prevent electrical hazards in the warehouse is to make sure your equipment is grounded. This means, providing a conductive path which runs from the machinery to the ground. It helps to protect against static electricity, a major cause of warehouse fires.

2. Keep all machinery and equipment maintained

Another effective way to prevent electrical hazards in the workplace is to maintain all machinery and equipment. You need to make sure it is working exactly as it should and that there are no potential faults or issues which could prove to be a safety hazard.

Ideally, you’ll want to get the machinery and equipment serviced frequently. However, there are also maintenance tasks you can carry out yourself such as cleaning it frequently and checking for any loose or damaged wiring. Just make sure you have high-quality tools you can use to access equipment and machinery.

3. Provide training

Sometimes, in order to prevent electrical hazards, it falls on your employees. So, it’s worth making sure they are fully trained in the use of the machinery. Also, ensure they receive training in basic warehouse safety. The more trained they are, the less likely they will make a mistake to compromise electrical safety.

4. Plan ahead for emergencies

Finally, planning ahead for emergency situations is a good idea. Severe weather, for example, can prove hazardous to your electrical systems in the warehouse. It’s a good idea to unplug machinery and equipment during severe weather such as thunderstorms and flooding. This will protect them if they are struck by lightning or if high levels of water get into the building.

It isn’t always possible to prevent electrical hazards. However, the above are four things you can do to lower the risk. If you’re unsure what risks your warehouse presents, it’s a good idea to have a safety audit carried out. This will show you where any changes may need to be made.

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