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How To Find An Interpreter Who Matches Your Needs?

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Though it is easy to decide to hire an interpreter for your business needs, the real challenge is choosing “THE ONE” who matches your needs. Though it is tough to find an interpreter whose offerings align with your exact requirements, it is not impossible. And if you have been struggling to find an interpreter for a long time now, you are at the right place. We have listed 4 tips that can help you find an interpreter who will be the best fit for your organization.


Tips To Find An Interpreter Who Matches Your Needs

We have talked to many companies about their experience while finding an interpreter. Though they met thousands of bilingual people or could speak multiple languages, finding someone available whenever required was not easy. And sometimes, they even paid a high price for interpreting services.

But you can keep all those hassles away by following these easy steps to find an interpreter.

Understand Your Needs: 

How will you evaluate an interpreter or understand whether or not they are a perfect match for you?

Well, the most crucial step to finding an interpreter who matches your needs is to precisely determine what you expect from them. Whether you want an interpreter for a conference, a discussion or talking with your patients during a sensitive diagnosis- you need to have defined goals. By specifying your goals, you can narrow down your search. If you want to hire an interpreter who is an expert in your industry, you will only shortlist interpreters who have a strong background working in your field. Additionally, you also need to consider the mode of interpretation- online, in person or over the phone.

Decide The Type Of Interpretation:

A growing number of businesses are turning to interpreting services. There are different types of interpretation, including simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, relay interpretation, whispered interpretation and more. And it is necessary to decide which type of interpreter you need right now.

If you hire an interpreter for a conference or meeting, you probably need a simultaneous interpreter. On the other hand, if you want an interpreter for a medical conversation or a small business meeting, a consecutive interpreter will be the best fit for you. Remember, different type of interpreter has different rates.

Know Your Affordability:

Most interpreters charge on an hourly basis. And as time increases, more money adds up to your overall expenditure. Therefore, before you start finding an interpreter, it is worth taking your time to determine how many hours you need the interpreter for. If you are looking for an interpreter working on unsocial hours, you might require a bigger budget.

Explore The Traits Of The Interpreter:

If you are finding an interpreter, you need to list down the ideal skills that you want to see in that person. Your preferred personality traits may include things like:

  • Language skills: The interpreter you are hiring must be comfortable and fluent in both the original and target languages. If an interpreter can speak more than those two languages, that is an added benefit for you.
  • Industry knowledge: If an interpreter has previous work experience in your industry, you may benefit from working with them. Every industry has specific terminologies and idioms, and only a professional with intensive industry knowledge can translate those terms.
  • Availability: It goes without saying that you will definitely shortlist an interpreter who is available when you want.
  • Certification: An interpreter certified from an accredited interpretation institution, or a part of an interpreting services company is more dependable than the one who got none.

What Are The Right Ways To Find An Interpreter?

Now you are pretty aware of what you need to consider before finding an interpreter for your business. But before you begin your search, do you know about all the ways to find an interpreter? If not, we are here to help. Some of the most common methods of finding an interpreter for your business include:

Using Interpreter Directories: Many interpreting service providers and companies list themselves on different online directories to be easily found by their prospective clients. And suppose you are one such person in need of interpreting services. In that case, you can explore those directories and find a suitable interpreter for the job.

Ask Your Friends And Acquaintances: If any of your friends have used an interpreting service, you can ask them for their feedback or review. You can also reach out to other business owners in your niche and ask for recommendations. Reaching out to the latter option is better as other businesses in your industry have your exact requirements. If they have found an interpreter suitable for them, the interpreting service is more likely to be ideal for you as well.

Use LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an excellent professional networking social media platform. And if you search with the term interpreter, it will show you many profiles of people who offer interpreting services. You can contact one of those people with an attractive work portfolio.

Contact And Interpretation Agency: This is probably the best option to find an interpreter. You can rest assured that you will get to work with a professional interpreter who has the knowledge and substantial industry experience. An interpretation agency will give you abundant options of interpreters to choose from.


Most organizations turn to interpretation services for different reasons, and a suitable interpreter provides flexibility, availability, and the service you require.

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